Writing Across the Curriculum 

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Sewanee takes the approach that writing is not only an essential mode for communicating ideas and information to others, but that it is also a critical part of how students learn to think about complex questions. We approach writing not as the end result of the thinking process, but rather as an integral part of how students come to the ideas they are asked to explore in their classes and in their future lives. In short, at Sewanee we do not think in order to write, we write in order to think.

Writing Across the Curriculum has been part of Sewanee’s mission for over 30 years, and our commitment to writing spans disciplines, subjects, and forms. It is our belief that Sewanee students should be known by their ability to write with elegance and authority in the classroom and beyond.

To this end, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program pairs closely with the Center for Speaking and Listening at the university, continually reaffirming our campus-wide dedication to providing our students with superior written and spoken communication skills. 

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