Master Plan

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For a printable version of the plan, click here: Implementation Plan Package

Goals/Features of the Plan:

The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan builds on the existing Sewanee Vision Plan and the Sewanee Action Plan and provides specific planning interventions and strategies to guide redevelopment of the Village and the greater Domain. The goal of this Plan is to enhance connections between the University of the South and the Sewanee Village, and to ensure the long-term viability of the Village by creating a mixed-use environment that integrates new businesses, civic spaces, and housing into the existing Village fabric. A strong network of pedestrian paths, trails, and bicycle lanes will also work to connect all residents of Sewanee. Implementation of this vision will likely require a reallotment and creation of new leaseholds over time.

The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan has four main components:

Recreation and Open Space

The Plan incorporates an extensive network of parks, paths, trails, and open space. Safe, attractive, interconnected routes will give Sewanee residents and visitors alike the chance to explore with ease. One essential feature is the enhancement of facilities at crucial junctions of Mountain Goat Trail. As a leader in eco-tourism and outdoor recreation, Sewanee must strive to provide information, bathroom facilities, and rest spots for all bikers, hikers, and nature-likers. In celebrating the unique character of this area, a central civic space is located at the Highway 41A-University Avenue intersection and includes a hardscape plaza and green common.

Village Character

The Plan recognizes the colorful, eclectic character of the Sewanee Village and how it differs from the University campus. A Pattern Book of architectural guidelines will be established that preserve the unique character of the Village and ensures new buildings are harmonious with the existing urban fabric.


The Implementation Plan anticipates a range of residential building types from cottage courts and affordable single-family units to multi-family buildings. There may be an opportunity to support infill housing near the Sewanee Village, especially in Mixed-Use centers. The Plan also incorporates a collection of new leaseholds, increasing the opportunity for affordable housing creation throughout the Village. In keeping with the unique character of Sewanee, the Plan aspires to encourage creative and modern residential situations, including multi-generational housing and cottage court communities.

Streets and Connectivity

The Implementation Plan anticipates a harmonious integration of various modes of transportation including pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and transit connections in the form of a shuttle bus. All thoroughfares are designed to be pedestrian-friendly and incorporate multi-modal design features including generous sidewalks and bike lanes where possible. The Plan strives to “civilize” Highway 41A by narrowing the driving lanes, enhancing parking and pedestrian lanes, adding a traffic signal, and rebranding it as Main Street. When this is done, there may be opportunities to integrate new buildings and civic spaces to enhance the sense of community and the character of the Village.

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