Whether you’re a current or prospective student, it’s probably clear that the University of the South is unlike any other college you’ve visited. The Sewanee experience is unique in its traditions, its exceptional academic programs and its one-of-a-kind mountaintop campus. At Sewanee, the entire Domain is your campus, and that includes the downtown Sewanee area. While the current Sewanee village offers a unique charm, it isn’t living up to its potential as a true college town. The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan, slated for completion in December 2015, seeks to change that. The Plan will extend campus life down University Avenue, providing students and the rest of the Sewanee community with more opportunities to come together and share knowledge and experiences. A revitalized downtown Sewanee will offer a walkable and bike-friendly environment with expanded housing options, like off-campus apartments and townhouses for select students, as well as a variety of restaurants, shops, businesses, and open spaces offering retail, services, and events. Students will have everything they need within a short walk or bike ride, eliminating the need for some trips into Winchester or Monteagle.

The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan is rooted in the distinctive character that defines Sewanee today. The village of the future will enhance, not compromise, the charm and appeal that drew you to Sewanee in the first place, but with the amenities and services to make it a true “college town.” Students will be able to enjoy more shopping, dining, and entertainment options with their classmates and visiting friends and family. In addition, a new village green at the intersection of Highway 41 and University Avenue will provide a place for festivals, open-air markets, and outdoor gatherings. Outdoor recreation will continue to be an important part of Sewanee’s future plans, with plenty of green space, trails, and facilities for nature enthusiasts.

The success of the Village Implementation Plan depends on student support to meet its goals for the future. Whether it’s by participating in meetings and events and voicing your opinion, or participating in improvement projects, you can make your mark on the village during your college years at Sewanee. We encourage students to get involved and be part of creating the downtown Sewanee of the future.

Students interested in contributing time or talents to implementation projects are invited to contact Frank Gladu at

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