The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan includes enhancements to the current vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation patterns, improving safety and connectivity and dispersing traffic in areas of potential congestion. Residents will benefit from walkable streets, accommodations for cyclists, and safer routes to school, work, and other community amenities. The entire community will be able to gather together in new greens and plazas.

As the new Plan is implemented, Sewanee’s downtown area will be more economically viable and sustainable, with opportunities for residents to open and run small businesses, and to obtain and provide daily needs. The Implementation Plan also identifies and creates opportunities for new leaseholds, so that developers and individuals can increase the number and variety of housing types and the range of prices within Sewanee.

The success of the Village Implementation Plan depends on resident support to meet its goals for the future. Whether it’s by participating in meetings and events, shopping locally, voicing your opinion, or contributing to improvement projects, you can be part of Sewanee’s future and make your mark on the place we call home.

Residents interested in contributing their time or talents on these projects are invited to contact Frank Gladu at

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