Whether you graduated forty years ago or four, there’s something that keeps drawing you back to the Mountain. The Sewanee Village Implementation Plan is the University’s way of ensuring that Sewanee is always there waiting for you, with the beautiful campus you remember and a thriving village with places to shop, eat, and gather with old friends. Enhancing the downtown area will provide alumni with even more reasons to come back and visit, from top-notch restaurants and cultural events to places to stay and catch up with fellow alums.

The success of the Implementation Plan depends on students, alumni, and residents of Sewanee; and the University needs your support to meet its goals for the future. You have the power to strengthen Sewanee by giving back. Whether it’s by participating in events, lending manpower and talent, partnering with developers, fundraising, or making capital contributions toward landmark projects, you can be part of Sewanee’s future.

Helping the University achieve its goals for downtown Sewanee will ensure a better future for the University of the South campus and village, and will provide the kinds of unique and wonderful experiences for future students that you remember from your time at Sewanee.

Alumni interested in partnering on implementation projects to contribute time, talents or funding are invited to contact Frank Gladu at

Which one are you?