The Collective

"The root or origin of all human love, expansion and connection resides within the cultivation of self love.  If we are unable to love ourselves, how can we possibly love anyone or anything else to the fullest potential of the human experience?  Radical Self Love is the journey of discovering and understanding the root and true essence of love.
 The most important relationship I will ever have is the one I have with myself. All of my external relationships with others are a purely a reflection of either my conflicted or harmonious relationship to self.”

We are the collective. We are a consciousness-raising group. We encourage deep, meaningful conversation. We ask how you are and mean it. We address the tough issues of disordered eating, negative body image, and gender segragation on campus. We want you to admit your “friend crushes,” strike up a discussion with a stranger, break social barriers, and know your self worth. We are a Radical Self Love movement.

Let’s Build Each Other Up. It Starts With Us. We Are Community Leaders.

We Are The Collective.