Sewanee Speaks

Sewanee Speaks: A Sharing of Secrets

A public art project showcasing community voice, creativity, and freedom of expression in the form of secrets (à la PostSecret).


  1.  Be brave. Your secrets are unique and powerful and YOURS. You got this.
  2. Share a secret. Write your secret on this card. It can be silly, serious, or anything in between. But it must be true. The length is up to you.
  3. Decorate your secret card however you like, or not at all. Use this as a space to express yourself, anonymously.
  4. Find a secret box on campus to turn in your card. (Locations:  Stirling's, Women's Center, McClurg, ATC, SPO).  By doing so you submit your card to the Sewanee Speaks campaign, a community art project promoting expression, liberation, honesty, bravery, love, acceptance, and meaningful conversations.