Sewanee Monologues

Winner of Best New Educational Program (2011-2012)

Now in its fouth year, "Sewanee Monologues," is a compilation of narratives from real Sewanee students. Students are invited to submit stories anonymously, and the chosen pieces are performed by fellow students in Guerry Auditorium. Both women and men have submitted their gendered stories, and the topics range from silly to serious, the mood from comical to tragic. "Sewanee Monologues" will return this spring to prove itself once again.

As a part of the Women’s Center’s efforts to give students a platform for difficult conversations and self-expression, we added another component in 2012. We asked students to instagram a photo inspired by a monologue quote.

Check out our instagram contest:

Writing Workshops

Sewanee Monologues Writing Workshops invite students to write for catharsis and to develop and reflect on their stories in an informal, no-pressure setting. The workshops reinforce the notion that each of us has a voice on this campus and deserves to be heard. In accordance with our mission to promote an "honest dialogue," the workshops encourage writing as a framework for discussing issues such as race and gender on campus. By fostering discussions on sex, for example, workshops reiterate the importance of transparency and openness - that we don't have to hide or suppress our stories just because they're uncomfortable. Furthermore, the casual and accepting atmosphere of the workshops presents the Wick as a space that is safe and supportive of the open celebration of diverse experiences and opinions. Overall, workshops allow anyone and everyone to have a voice.