Pinnacle Luncheons

Our well-loved lecture series provides students, faculty, staff, and community members with a pause in the middle of the day to listen to an empowered (panel of) speaker(s) followed by intentional reflection and discussion. Pinnacle luncheons take place over a catered lunch to fit busy schedules.

"Bridging the Gaps" Pinnacle Luncheon

It has become an annual tradition that the first Pinnacle be structured around a panel of seniors as a way to honor those individuals for their contributions to Sewanee, as well as introduce the incoming class to a panel of what we would probably deem as role models. The theme of the event, "bridging the gaps," is not only our theme for the school year, but something we hope becomes a way of life for the Sewanee community as we seek to itentionally transform our mission to better serve the community. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Pinnacle Luncheon

As part of a series of Wick campaigns and events created for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, two representatives from the Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence will be coming to speak at a Pinnacle Luncheon. The WRC, located in Decatur, GA, acts both as an emergency shelter for women and children leaving situations of domestic violence, and as a center of education and advocacy for the wider Atlanta community. Their dual approach to addressing issues of domestic violence parallels that of the Wick in addressing various issues relevant to students' lives on Sewanee's campus; Wick residents act both as advocates and peer counselors for their fellow students, while also creating programming in order to educate the community on women's and gender issues. Selina Armstrong, the Child and Family Advocate, and Ayonna Johnson, the Director of Legal Services, will be speaking about their experiences of working with victims of domestic violence as well as what we as a community can do to put a stop to the issue. The aim of this luncheon is to expose students to informed and intimate knowledge of domestic violence issues, while also giving some insight into the work done by non-profits. Pinnacle Luncheon

As part of the Women's Center's Pinnacle Luncheon Series, Maya Dusenbery, and editor at, will share her experiences with blogging and social media as a piece of the contemporary feminist puzzle. Feministing's Community Blog provides a space in which feminist and pro-feminist writers have access to an online platform to express their views. Furthermore, Feministing addresses a variety of feminist issues--such as queer identity, sexual assault and consent, race, and reproductive rights--from an explicitly feminist perspective, demonstrating the ways in which social media facilitates access to perhaps more radical social theory. Maya will discuss her experience as an editor of the site and will provide insight into the ways in which contemporary feminist fuels and is fueled by social media. The blogging workshop that she will host in the wake of her lecture is designed to inform students about how to get involved in successful blogging, providing education on how to participate in the production, as opposed to simple consumption, of information distributed through media outlets.