Guest Lecturers

Past speakers have included:

  • Andrea Gibson
  • Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall
  • Reverend Becca Stevens
  • Mary Kingsley
  • Cornelia A. Clark
  • Janice M. Holder
  • Sharon G. Lee
  • Filmmaker/Producer Robbie Risher of A Mississippi Love Story
    • A Mississippi Love Story introduces the viewer to Eddie and Justin, together living what might otherwise be considered an ordinary life during an extraordinary time in history. It provides a glimpse into the relationships the two have with one another, and with family, friends and their Deep South hometown. Against the backdrop of legal battles about same-sex marriage, Eddie and Justin share their personal take on what love really means.Filmed primarily in Mississippi during the year surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases, this film captures the lives and community of Eddie Outlaw and his partner, Justin McPherson (now Outlaw), as they watch, wait and react to the change in federal law affecting same-sex marriages. The film is a love story on several levels: Eddie’s and Justin’s personal relationship, their love of their home state and decision to stay, and the love of their families.
  • And many more!