Full Embodiment: An Empowering Dialogue (FEED)

Alumnus Hope Faulk ('14) was instrumental in implementing a Sewanee specific version of the nationally recognized program "The Body Project" to decrease body dissatisfication among Sewanee women. 

As part of a joint effort by Greek Life and the Women’s Center to address issues particularly pertaining to Sewanee women (i.e., disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, positive sexuality and relationships, etc.), a new prevention and intervention program was implemented for freshwomen in the Spring of 2014.  This new program (FEED) will replace the Body Project, which has been implemented since Spring 2012.

Sophomore, junior and senior women co-lead small interactive discussion groups of freshwomen with the goal of developing increased acceptance of their bodies, a more positive attitude around sexuality and relationships and heightened sense of ownership of their bodies and voice.