Women's Center Alumni

Former House Directors and Residents

Mary Ottley '15
Resident 2012-2013, 2013-2014
Atlanta, GA
Religion Major; International & Global Studies Minor

Mary Ottley lived at the Women's Center during her sophomore and junior year. This experience allowed her to grow and mature into the person she has become today. Living in the Women's Center made her more aware of gender issues on Sewanee's campus and worldwide. During her senior year Mary will serve as the House Manager for the Community Engagement House. In this role Mary still has the opportunity to do community building centered around women. Her Canale Internship, SWEEC, is also created with the goal of empowering women and building a community for them. 


Sarah High '15
Resident 2013-2014
Alpharetta, GA
English Major

Sarah High's life after the Women's Center will entail living in the Community Engagement House‚Äč and getting more involved with Theatre Sewanee. Though she will not be living in the house next year, the Women's Center has forever changed Sarah into a stronger, more confident woman. The 'Wick has molded her into a feminist for life. 


Avery Kelly '14
Resident 2013-2014
Mobile, AL
International & Global Studies Major; Women’s & Gender Studies and Spanish Minors

Post-graduation and post-Wick Avery is working with the Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation (FOCAGIFO) as a Public Policy and Advocacy Intern for the summer. FOCAGIFO is a vibrant and innovative faith-based organization that tackles HIV/AIDS in Uganda and internationally with approaches attuned to holistic development and community empowerment. FOCAGIFO has a budding relationship with Sewanee— check them out! After six weeks in East Africa, she returned to Sweet Home Alabama to spend time with her friends, family, and best friend/dog Scout. 

In September 2014, Avery will be interning for Mercy Global Action (http://mercyworld.org) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Mercy Global Action oversees the Sisters of Mercy in their work internationally and conveys the organization’s calls for global human rights action and poverty alleviation to the UN. She is extremely excited to learn about the UN system first-hand and to apply herself to work in a sector she is passionate about!


Katie Lafferrandre '15
Resident 2012-2013, 2013-2014
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
English Major, Working towards Creative Writing Certificate

The Wick made Katie speak up and speak slow. It made her practice both risk-taking and confidence, two things that are often difficult to combine. She realized that's what the Wick is all about: having enough confidence to voice your (often controversial) opinions and ideas, and then dealing gracefully with the response to such vulnerability, favorable or otherwise. And on top of all that, revising and trying again. As a Wick resident these past two years, we worked hard to continually put action and energy behind our beliefs. Katie hopes that she'll keep that confidence not only to say, but to do what she thinks is right. 

Other activities that Katie is involved in: writing tutor/fellow, managing editor of the Purple, Cross Country, writing a senior thesis. Also, she spent the Spring of her junior year studying abroad in Cambridge…pretty cool stuff. 


Devin '13
Alexandria, Virginia
English major, Women’s and Gender Studies minor

Devin is a passionate advocate for women’s issues and has served on the Women’s Center board since her sophomore year. As such, she has had the privilege of seeing and being a part of the growth of the organization. Devin studied abroad in London last fall to further pursue her love for British literature and to continue to explore her focus on literary women in the 19th and 20th centuries with a focus on British authors. Serving as Co-Director alongside fellow senior Hanna Miller she is excited and hopeful for the year ahead. Devin is a Posse Scholar, member of the Student Alumni Leadership Council, and continues to be involved with Greek Life and Outreach.

Hanna Miller ’13
Collins, Mississippi

American Studies and Russian double major Since reading The Bell Jar in high school, Hanna has been a self-proclaimed feminist. Particularly interested in offering women a platform for their voices, Hanna has focused her academic studies this year to southern grandmothers and oral history. After interning in Washington, DC, with the National Organization for Women this past summer and having spent the past two spring breaks with New York Outreach, Hanna is dedicated to activism and law. After graduation, she plans to return to Russia, where she studied abroad for seven months, to continue exploring her passion for women’s rights and interest in Russian culture. Hanna is honored to share the Co-Director position with Devin Loftus and hopes that with their leadership, the Women’s Center will be a space for nurturing relationships, finding voices, and growing conviction in self-worth and self-awareness.


Mallory Silver ’13
Ashville, North Carolina
American Studies major, Women’s and Gender Studies minor

Mallory is an American studies major and a Women and Gender Studies minor, with an intersecting interest in gender in American culture. She is interested in the perception of social equality in America and preventing sexual assault and disordered eating among college and high
school aged women. She is on the Field Hockey team and is involved in Outreach, in Greek Life and in being a Senior Interviewer. She also
enjoys hiking, reading, and napping.

Meg Hall ’15
Lebanon, Tennessee
English major, Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies double minor

Meg is interested in the intersections of her three areas of study, hoping to bring both feminist theory and philosophy to a mainstream media thought through her writing. She is a section editor of The Sewanee Purple, associate editor of The Mountain Goat literary magazine, and an active member of Greek Life, GSA, and College Democrats.

Rebecca Sanders '15
Nashville, TN

Rebecca is a sophomore who hopes to major in English and minor in Spanish. She is involved with Greek Life, loves working at the Student Post Office and going to the Fowler Center.  She loves her time spent at the Women's Center and enjoying good company.