The University Wellness Center is happy to introduce our Patient Portal for students.  The Portal will allow students to contact the Wellness Center via a secure format, to schedule certain types of appointments anytime online, and more!


To find your patient portal, please go to the Portal Website.

What can I do with the Portal?

University Health Service will communicate your lab results through the portal.  You can also schedule certain types of appointments with UHS, or send a message to request a CAPS appointment.  You can also fill out important required forms electronically.  

Please be aware that if a certain type of appointment isn't available to schedule through the portal, you will need to call the Wellness Center.  We purposely do not allow some types of appointments to be web-booked as they require different materials or will take longer than a standard appointment.  If you do not see what you seek, please do not book under a random reason instead; students who do so may be asked to reschedule their appointment for a later time.

How do I use the Portal?

We have two formats to help you learn how to use the portal.  You can either watch a short video at our Video Library, or download our Powerpoint Presentation on How to use your Sewanee Student Patient Portal.  

Students log in to the Portal using the Banner username, password, and ID number; for example, if your email address is, your username would be testp0, your password would be the password you use to access Banner, and your ID number your student number that begins with B00.

I saw something in the video or powerpoint that I don't see in my actual Portal - is there an error with my Portal?

We are constantly updating the parameters of the portal to better serve student needs.  If you saw a feature in the instructional video/ppt that is not available in your portal, then it means we have disabled that option.  Additionally, the options available through our portal evolve with each update, so you may have access to features not shown in those guides. 

The Portal isn't working.

The portal may not be working for the following reasons:

  • Some of the portal features, such as scheduling, are not available outside of the Advent and Easter semesters.  During interim or Summer times, you will not be able to use certain portions of the portal.

  • You have entered the wrong information.  Common errors include putting the portion of your username in, entering the wrong password, or forgetting to put in B00 for the ID number.

  • Your browser is causing issues.  Some browsers are less compatible with the patient portal; it is recommended that you use Google Chrome if possible.  If you are still unable to log in, try opening a new tab, opening a new browser window, or cleaning your browser data.

  • If you have tried the above solutions and you are still not able to access your portal, please contact  The Helpdesk may ask to see your computer to determine your settings, as these can sometimes prevent access to the portal.  Helpdesk staff members do not have access to your private patient information.  It is important to get the error resolved as the Wellness Center uses the portal to communicate with you in a secure and confidential manner.

Who can access my Portal?

Because the portal relies on Banner information, anyone with access to your username, password, and ID number can open your particular portal.  Because of this, please be aware that sharing your Banner information with parents or friends is not recommended unless you want them to be able to access your portal as well.   If using the portal on a public computer, make sure to log off before you leave so that the next student does not accidentally use your account.


For additional questions or help, please contact the Wellness Center at (931) 598-1270 or email us at