Please use the following guidelines to schedule an appointment at the Wellness Center.  You can schedule an appointment three different ways:

  • Call the Wellness Center at 931-598-1270
    Please choose the appropriate menu option for the department you need.  Our number leads to a phone menu and you will need to select an option in order to speak with a support staff member.  If the staff member is unavailable, please make sure that you leave a phone message so that we may return your call.  The support staff member may ask you a few questions to help schedule your appointment, such as: What is your class schedule like?  What kind of medical concern do you have?  Do you have a preference for provider?  What is your contact information?
  • Request an appointment time through your Patient Portal.
    Please note that you can schedule certain types of Health appointments or request to be scheduled for a CAPS appointment through the portal 24/7.  If the type of appointment that you need is unavailable through the portal, you will need to call instead.  You cannot schedule Health Service appointments via email and you cannot schedule any appointment at the Wellness Center by directly messaging or emailing a provider or clinician.  Please note that there is a lag time when this method is used.  If you need to make an urgent appointment, please do not use this method and call the Center instead.

  • Make an appointment in person
    You are welcome to walk into the Center to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members face-to-face.  Please be aware that this method is to schedule an appointment at a later time in the day or week.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

For Health Service, appointments can typically be scheduled same day, but may not be scheduled until 1 or 2 business days later, depending on availability.  It is strongly recommended that you call or check the portal for an open appointment early.  

For CAPS, please keep in mind that therapy sessions are time-intensive and usually last an hour.  Because of that, you will not be able to schedule a regular appointment for the same day you call; regular sessions are often scheduled a week or more in advance.  However, if you need to contact CAPS for a crisis situation, please see our Crisis Services page for information.

For SAS, students should expect to be scheduled within 1 business week.

I've tried calling and no one at the Wellness Center returns my call!

Calling the Wellness Center will lead you to a voice menu that will prompt you to choose the corresponding number for the department you're trying to reach.  If after selecting the appropriate department you are directed to voice mail during business hours, that means we are assisting another patient.  Please make sure you leave a message!  Our Center phones do not show a call history like cell phones do.  If you call and do not get a staff member, please leave a message; if you don't, there's no way for us to call you back.

When leaving a message, please be sure to clearly state your full name and your cell phone number.  Please remember that cell service on campus isn't great; if you're in your dorm when you call, we may not be able to understand your message.

If you call after hours or on the weekend, a staff member will not be able to return your call until the next business day.

The type of appointment I want to schedule is not available through the patient portal.

If the type of appointment you'd like to schedule is not available, you will need to call the Center and schedule the appointment by phone.  Please be aware that we require this to ensure that you are scheduled for the appropriate amount of time for your concern.  If you cannot find an illness or concern that matches your need, do not schedule using a different or false reason.  Scheduling an appointment under a false code or scheduling one appointment for multiple concerns can result in compromising our ability to care for you and the student scheduled immediately after you; because of this, if you do not follow the portal guidelines, we may require you to reschedule your appointment for a later time.