SOP - Trip Highlights

The SOP offers several on-campus trips and activities each week as well as many weekend trips in the surrounding area.  These are highlights from our longer break trips across the country.

Canoeing the Rio Grande

Students in canoe

The SOP canoes the Lower Canyons, an 84-mile section of the Rio Grande which forms the border between Texas and Mexico.

Winter Mountaineering in Colorado

Group photo of Mountaineers

Over winter break, the SOP leads a group of twelve students on a fifteen-day trip ascending alpine summits and snowshoeing along the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. 

Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains

 Photo of students in the Smoky Mountains

Each fall break, The SOP backpacks through the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Sport Climbing at Shelf Road, Colorado


The SOP leads a trip over spring break to Shelf Road, CO, to climb beautiful limestone under the desert sun and blue skies.