Housing Assignments

All undergraduate students live in housing approved by the Deans of Students and the Director of Residential Life, and with few exceptions, reside in campus residence halls. This policy has been established to cultivate community, promote supportive relationships, build diversity, and integrate academic life with co-curricular experiences. 

First year students are assigned roommates and housed according to their first year information form.  Roommates cannot be requested. Students are housed in double or triple occupancy rooms and assignments are for a full academic year.

First year students may choose to live in substance-free housing and agree not to possess or use alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or other illegal substances while on campus, regardless of age.

Transfer students entering the college for the first time or students returning from leave of absence including study away, may express preference for a residence hall or a roommate, although no assurance is given that such requests can be granted. Assignments are based on the student’s housing form and sent by the first week in August.