Our Multicultural Campus

Our University mission seeks to develop the whole person through a quality liberal arts education. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is responsible for providing programs, activities, and general support for students of color. To make the college experience for all students as successful and as meaningful as possible, this Office works also to provide leadership in the development of successful principles and practices regarding recruitment and retention of students of color.

A student body and a curriculum that reflect the diversity of our society are important features of each student's college education. Furthermore, diversity in higher education helps students to compete successfully in an increasingly global marketplace. In addition, students who learn in diverse classrooms are more likely to feel comfortable interacting with people different from themselves in other aspects of their lives. The Office of Multicultural Affairs works to help make diversity a reality to further enrich the education and experiences offered by the college.


  • Faculty Mentor Program
  • Freshman Achievement Program
  • The Sewanee Conference on Women
  • Bridge Program in Math and Science
  • Ayres Multicultural Center
  • Black History Month
  • Performing Arts Series
  • How Then Shall We Live?
  • Posse Plus Retreat
  • DJ Dance Parties
  • Fashion Show
  • Jazz Coffee House Performances


  • African American Alliance (AAA)
  • ABRE, which means "open" in Spanish, is an organization that seekes to create awareness and dialogue about political, economic and social issues through a variety of activities such as discussions and speakers.
  • The Bairnwick Women’s Center Board strives to promote women at the University by sponsoring workshops, lectures, and other events. The Pinnacle Series meets bi-weekly during lunch to listen to a guest speaker share his or her life experiences.
  • College Democrats provides an avenue to participate in and contribute to the political discourse in Sewanee as well as the larger community.
  • College Libertarians are an affiliate of the Libertarian Party and may cooperate with other affiliates of the Libertarian Party. The purpose of the CL shall be to promote the principles of libertarian political philosophy.
  • College Republicans is a student organization that supports and promotes the political ideology and activities of the Republican Party. 
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) provides a setting for confidential and frank discussion concerning human sexuality. Its goal is to dispel stereotypes about sexual orientation by building community and providing education.
  • The Green House is "theme house" in Sewanee's residential living system. The Eco-House gathers students interested in protecting the natural environment and living a sustainable lifestyle in community while setting an example of sustainable living for the rest of the University and Sewanee community.
  • HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness) is a student leadership organization whose goal is to increase understanding of Hispanic heritage and current issues through social and educational events.
  • Model UN strives to increase the awareness of the student body concerning current global issues and prepares its active members to represent the University at regional and national IMO conventions.
  • Men Against Sexual Violence is a voluntary affiliate of the national organization, “Men Can Stop Rape.” The purpose of MASV shall be: to raise awareness about sexual assault, especially among men, on the campus of the University of the South and the surrounding community.
  • Mountain Top Musicians extend the appreciation of live music at the University of the South by providing resources and equipment to students on a free lease for a weekend. In that weekend the band or musician can opt to perform live with high quality and reliable equipment to ensure the best sound, or record their music with professional equipment resulting in a flawless sound and a well-produced CD. These outlets can boost a musician’s reputation and allow the community and their peers to appreciate the culture of music. Students learn with other students the ins-and-outs of performing and producing great music of any genre.
  • Omicron Delta Kappa is the Sewanee chapter of a national leadership honor society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni.
  • The Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding (OCCU) encourages all students to recognize, appreciate, and understand ethnic diversities on campus through social and educational activities.
  • The Sewanee Multicultural Health Society (SMHS) in conjunction with the Sewanee Health Professions Society is an organization that aims to reduce health disparities through workplace diversity. Their mission is to bring together a group of students who are passionate about uplifting multiculturalism and serving in Rural Appalachia.  They aim to provide opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and education through a variety of services including: community service/engagement, public health updates, societal health and disparity issues, and alumni mentoring; to provide forums for students and community members who are interested in better understanding various issues in the United States and also globally regarding health and health disparities and to provide an outlet to explore future schooling and career opportunities in any health or medical aspects/areas.
  • The Sewanee Natural History Society (SNHS) celebrates the natural world on and around the Sewanee Domain. An enthusiastic student-led society that works in partnership with the Geology and Biology Departments and the Sewanee Outing Program and hosts several outings each week.
  • Sewanee Peace Coalition desires to increase awareness in and around the Sewanee community of the importance of nonviolent alternatives in solving domestic and international disputes.
  • Sewanee STAND is a student-run organization currently focusing on raising awareness and helping to end the genocide currently occurring in Darfur, Sudan. The three main goals of this chapter are to: increase consciousness, nationally and abroad, about presently occurring genocides; take nonpartisan political action for a swift and sustainable solution to the crisis; and coordinate national and international efforts to achieve the two goals above.
  • Students Positively Organized Together (SPOT) is a club that organizes weekly substance-free events open to every student including pottery painting, tie-dying, board games, crafts, movies, dancing, and holiday parties.
  • Beyond Sewanee is a current events club at the University of the South.  It is dedicated to bursting the "Sewanee Bubble" by discussing current events and raising global awareness on campus. Beyond Sewanee also invites teachers and speakers to the meetings for discourse on their subjects of expertise. This organization also sponsors other events that focus on bringing issues "Beyond Sewanee" to the mountain.
  • The purpose of Japanaddicts is to gather and use “out of the classroom” resources is to foster a greater understanding of Japanese culture and society. While the club is open to all members of the university community, there is a special focus on relating club activities to the Japanese language classes with the intent of giving Japanese language students a cultural understanding of Japan beyond what can be conveyed in a classroom setting.