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Students exposed to essential internship experiences

October 11, 2016

Each summer, Sewanee students benefit from career-building internships that supplement their classroom work. In 2016, 163 students were able to participate in otherwise-unpaid internships due to the generous support of alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Students completed internships in 17 countries and 21 states.

Here are a few of their stories.

  • ‌“I learned more than I thought I could in two short months and it will hopefully take me far in my future career, whatever that may be. I am happy to say that I will be back at Guarisco Gallery in the winter working as a paid employee. This will give me so much more experience that is much needed in order to advance in this industry.” - KB

    “The focus of my internship was to build on my passion for promoting the arts. I was able to strengthen my marketing skills while also being surrounded by what I love most. I feel I gained exceptional experience working at Guarisco Gallery and I have already benefitted from my newly-acquired skills I developed this summer.” - CG

  • ‌‌“The opportunities that are available to the Sewanee community, specifically in the Career & Leadership Development office, are what sets Sewanee apart from other schools. I would not have been able to realistically afford to have this summer internship without the help of Sewanee, but as a result of this experience, I have been offered connections to not just one, but two different possible jobs after my graduation this May.” - Patrick Smith

  • ‌“I worked as a community health educator, helped design a website for the organization, increased social media presence, looked for vendors for the‌ organization's social enterprise, and taught computer lessons. I learned the significance of letting go of a need for strict structure, and that I could operate under looser parameters and still be very active, successful, and content in my contributions to an organization. I also learned that I can make a website on Jimdo, I enjoy doing field work, and I want to continue to pursue a career focused on community health and development.” - Kate Perry‌‌

  • “This summer has taught me many things: how to speak sign language and Swahili, how to do development work in a developing country independently, and how to work under stress and adversity.” - Mary Margaret Johnson

  • “By doing this internship at NOAA, and with funding from Sewanee, I was able to further pursue my interest in marine work through the summer.  I have always enjoyed investigating and discovering new things, which is why I wanted to create an internship that involved research. With the associations and experience that I have made working at NOAA, I know I will be starting my senior year more confident than ever, as I feel more assured in the career path I want to pursue. I have been busy looking at marine careers around the country as well as PhD programs in marine biology.” - Gabrielle Fignar

  • ‌“I plan to start a new project on the Gambusia affinis (mosquitofish), cancer, and cell research this upcoming school year. This was an opportunity that I am really grateful for and I learned so much about lab management and research. Since I will become a research scientist in the fields of molecular biology and genetics in the near future, learning the fundamental features of research and lab management was immensely necessary. Thank you to Sewanee, Dr. McGhee, and my fund donors for allowing me this marvelous opportunity.” - Niko Darby

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