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Watson Fellowship and Sewanee Internship Influence Goeller’s Career

August 21, 2018


Goeller draws a lottery number to choose officials for a professional soccer match in Brazil

Seeing the problems of structural poverty through Dr. Mohiuddin’s eyes was enlightening,” says Robert Goeller, C’14, of New York City, who enjoyed an internship in Professor Yasmeen Mohiuddin’s social entrepreneurship program in South Asia. Goeller and his classmates learned how institutions such as the Grameen Bank worked, and then they had the opportunity to work an internship that gave them a day-to-day look. 

After graduation, Goeller won a Watson Fellowship and traveled to countries on three continents studying cultural influences on soccer refereeing at the highest levels. 

Both his Sewanee internship and the Watson have helped him in his work with the Merrill Lynch hedge fund due diligence group, Goeller says. “I have to evaluate people in a short amount of time, which means I need to know how to ask probing questions, and I need to know how to listen thoroughly. The environments I was in when I worked for Grameen and did the Watson really prepared me.” 

This spring, Goeller made a generous gift to the Sewanee Fund—an institution that helped shape him.  His goal? Pay Sewanee back for the generous financial aid he received during his four years. “It is a long-term plan,” he says. “Sometime in the next decade or decade and a half, I will have paid it all back, and that means I will be helping a new Sewanee student have the opportunities I had.”

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