Fostering Deep Green Churches and Camps

Deep Green Faith: Holy Forest Kinship Conference

A joint conference of the Beecken Center and the Center for Religion and Environment

Trees have a surprising degree of significance within the Christian tradition. According to Dr. Matthew Sleeth, former physician and carpenter, and author of Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us, "The Bible talks about trees more than any living creation other than people. When we subtract trees from Scripture, we miss lessons of faith necessary for our growth." Meanwhile, new ecological research reveals astonishing levels of communication happening beneath the bark of our forest-based neighbors. What can such science tell us about the nature of forests, their multi-dimensional impacts on humans, and our own relationships with each other and with the ecosystems within which we live? And how might a more soulful view of the web of creation affect not only the choices we make, but the way we view our non-human kin?


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