There are many sustainability-themed organizations for students to be a part of in Sewanee. To get involved, students should contact the students mentioned below.


SoCo, of the Socially Conscious Investment Club, is an organization of students united under the desire to make The University of the South environmentally and socially responsible in their investments. We are taking action to get both the Student Investment Club and the University Board of Regents to withdraw investments from companies who engage in socially irresponsible practices and consider alternative investments that reflect the University's core values.

For more information or to learn how to join, please contact Sal Spada or Elizabeth Johnson


Farm Club


Curious about the University Farm? Looking for ways to connect with your food? Want to learn more about agriculture, and environmentalism? Farm Club is for you! Contribute to work and projects on the Farm, and learn about the importance of local food, and community!

For more information on how to join the Farm Club, please contact Lillian Fulgham or go to the Farm's Instagram page


Green House



Students have the opportunity to live in a house that fosters a community for those with similar sustainable curiousities. The Green House residents are a collection of individuals dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships between natural and social environments. These students work to promote ecological awareness on campus and to further care for the earth through positive interactions between people and nature.

For more information on the Green House and its events, please contact Annie Corley or Helena Kilburn.



Sewanee Water Campaign‌


This is Sewanee’s student group dedicated to eliminating disposable packaged water on campus via events such as their Tap Water Challenge. The Sewanee Water Campaign seeks to raise awareness around issues such as this, as well as more general issues with water resources in this time of drought, in order to bring about a more informed community.

To become more involved in the Sewanee Water Campaign, please contact Haley Hubert or Lilly Worthy


Green Fund Committee


The Green Fund is aiming to motivate Sewanee’s students, faculty, and staff to pursue environmentally related projects that make an impact. In order to do this, the Green Fund will be focusing on creating and strengthening a diverse Committee. Projects that are funded through the Green Fee emphasize Sewanee’s belief in education and the commitment to maintaining its status as a national leader in sustainability in higher education.

Interested in becoming a member of the Green Fund Committee? Please contact Crystal Ngo for more information.

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