SHI Winter 2019 Update


Kevin Fouts and his student workstudies and researchers haven't been in hibernation during these cold winter months! Learn more about Kevin's presentation at Tullahoma Parks and Recreation, recent developments, opportunities to get involved, upcoming research, and more right here!

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Sewanee SHI Collects Newts, Aids in Research


On a recent outing in October, Fouts, three Sewanee students Reed Middendorf (C’22), Michael Kochinski (C’21),  Henri Bonner (C’20), and two research technicians from Dr. Matthew J. Gray’s lab at UT Knoxville Carlin Frost, (C’19), Charles Jacobi collected 82 newts for research in collaboration with UT Knoxville. This newt collection is part of an effort to be proactive towards mitigating the imperilment of amphibians in the US.

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2018 Deer Census


We have concluded the 2018 deer camera census. This year students and staff placed 10 cameras in three locations on the Domain. The average numbers over all sampling areas showed a density of approximately 44 deer per square mile, with a sex ratio of one buck per two does, and the fawn crop was 20%.

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SHI Fall Update


SHI Coordinator, Kevin Fouts, has been keeping his work-studies and student researchers busy in the field, learning and putting into practice monitoring techniques on the Domain. While he acknowledges the value of this experience for the students, he doesn't want to get just students involved! Learn about how YOU can get involved in his Citizen Science program here.

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