The minor in Women's and Gender Studies invites students to examine contributions and representations of women through an interdisciplinary program that employs gender as a fundamental category of analysis. Students engage the scholarly methods and theories of women's and gender studies in ways that complement traditional disciplinary inquiry. Students are encouraged to investigate the historical and contemporary contributions of women as well as the significance of gender in the social and natural sciences, in the arts and literature, and in religion. The minor further invites students to analyze gender in relation to other categories of difference, such as race, class, and ethnicity. The goal of women's and gender studies is to stimulate critical examination of assumptions about gender in cultures past and present.

Requirements for the minor: 
The minor in Women's and Gender Studies requires students to complete six courses. Students are required to take a 100-level Women's and Gender Studies course (WMST 100, WMST 111, or WMST 160) and WMST 448 at Sewanee. The remaining four electives may be chosen from the wide array of courses formally cross-listed as Women's & Gender Studies.
NOTE: No more than two courses (eight semester hours) used to satisfy requirements for a minor or certificate of curricular study may be used to fulfill requirements for a major or another minor or certificate of curricular study.