FYRP 118 Final Project Performances!

University of the South stock photo
Friday, October 11
duPont Library, University Archives
These plays were created by students in FYRP 118: Memory, History, and Story - Site Specific Devised Performance, many of whom have not studied or participated in theatre before this class. Students in this class explored the histories, stories, and sites of the South Cumberland Plateau, University Domain and surrounding areas in order to create devised, site-specific performances. Devised performance techniques in this course use collaboration-from performers, designers, and researchers to create the performance outline/script- and locations that are specific to the telling of the stories selected by the students. 

The performances will be on Friday, Oct. 11, 4:30-5:30 in the Torian Room at the DuPont Library and the Lytle Room in the University Archives.  Showings at 4:30 and 4:55- you may go to either first, and then move to the next.  
A Seat at the Table- Women in Sewanee -Torian Room

Ecce Quam Ghostum
- Ghost Tales of Sewanee- Lytle Room