Spanish House

Exterior view of Spanish House

Spanish is the exclusive language of daily life in this campus residence where as many as seven undergraduates live in a communal setting overseen by a graduate native speaker. The house sponsors various social activities and cultural demonstrations, including the monthly Tertulia (check our events calendar), dance parties, and movie screenings. The residents of the house also attend the weekly Spanish Table in McClurg dining hall (second floor), where students and professors gather for lunch and conversation in Spanish.  See NEWS for days and times.

Monthly Tertulia in the Spanish housePast tertulia topics have included:

  • the argentine tango (with demonstration and practice of dance steps)
  • literature and culture in Colombia
  • Peruvian regional cuisine (with cooking demonstration and tasting)
  • soccer in Spain
  • live performances of Cuban nueva canción and Spanish classical music

For more information about La Casa, contact Professor Raulston.

Download the SpanishHouseApplication.  Applications are solicited and considered in March for the following year.

Head Resident for the 2017-18 Academic Year is Marko Petrovic

In his own words:
My name is Marko Petrovic, my father is Serbian and my mother is Spanish so I can speak both languages. I was born in Madrid and have lived there my whole life. I have just graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a degree in Art History. I'm especially interested in medieval and modern art, as well as art appraisal, and I would like to earn a Masters degree related to that. I really enjoy listening to many types of music, learning languages and experiencing different cultures. I consider myself a lover of travel and nature and would like to take this opportunity in Sewanee to visit new places and meet new people while I share my culture.  I hope this experiencie will also help me see things from a different perspective and set good future career goals.