Foreign Language Yoga Classes at the Language Resource Center

August 12, 2019
Yoga classes will be every Friday afternoon in the Language Resource Center, Gailor 225. Students will have a low-stress kinesthetic language learning experience. Classes will be led by students or professors or simply following one of the many Youtube videos of yoga classes in a wide variety of languages. Please check with your professor to see if attending these classes can be used for culture points. Read more to find out when classes will be offered in YOUR language!

Poet Javier Zamora to Speak

March 25, 2019
Javier Zamora came to the U.S when he was 9 years old from El Salvador, escaping civil war. Today, he is a popular poet and Harvard fellow who writes about immigration and his experience crossing the border and life as an immigrant. He will recite his poetry in Sewanee on April 5th @ 4:30 PM at the Mary Sue Cushman Room at the Wick. This event is sponsored by the Writing House, Lecture's Committee, Community Engagement House, Spanish Department, English Department, International & Global Studies.

Spring Tertulias

March 6, 2019
Tertulias are evening events at the Spanish House where students can enjoy great food and company while learning about the cultures of Spain and Latin America. Read more to see what events they have planned for the spring semester.

Sewanee Students Studying in Madrid

February 4, 2019
Every spring, Sewanee students to study in Madrid. They get to experience the culture first-hand by living with a host family and taking outings to museums, concerts, etc. They travel throughout Spain, Europe, and Morocco to get a full sense of the reciprocal influences between Spain and the European Union and Spain and the Moorish empire. This year, a close-knit group of three are there.

New Members Inducted into Sigma Delta Pi

November 15, 2018
On Thursday, November 8th, The Spanish National Honorary Society, Sigma Delta Pi celebrated the initiation of its new members.

Fourth annual International Karaoke Night!

November 9, 2018
The fourth annual International Karaoke Night on Nov. 8 was a raucous event with international food, great music, and prizes! Students sang in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. The three judges - Hiydees Feliciano-Torres, C'20, community member Linda Heck, and Jenna Whitehead, C'20 - chose the winners based on such factors as voice quality, audience response, and complexity of the song.

Dr. Burner's Article Published

September 18, 2018
Dr. Lisa Burner's article on Gorriti and Incan treasure is out in the Summer, 2018 edition of the "Hispanic Review" entitled "Tales of incan gold in an era of guano:Juana manuela gorriti's precious metal melodramas." The Spanish Department is also very proud to announce the birth of Lisa and Justin Burner's baby son, Ellis, this summer.

Tertulias Set for Fall Semester

September 18, 2018
The residents of the Spanish House have set a fun schedule of tertulias for the fall semester. The first tertulia was last Thursday, September 13, when students got to meet this year's Spanish House director, Pedro Sanchez of Spain and the residents. Read more to see the full schedule.

Sewanee Summer in Cartagena, Colombia

August 30, 2018
Nine students stayed with host families in the residential area of Manga in Cartagena, Colombia, for five weeks in June and July. Students studied the colonial history of Latin America in Spanish 303 and received guidance in speaking and understanding in Spanish 326. The program was in partnership with the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar which is based in Manga. A few highlights from the trip included historical landmarks like Castillo San Felipe, cultural events like cooking classes, and beautiful beaches like Playa Tranquilla.

Graduation Party for Latinx

May 9, 2018
There will be a graduation party for Spanish majors and enthusiasts on Saturday, May 12 with honors presented from 3:00 to 4:30 at Convocation Hall, followed by a reception at Guerry Garth until 6:00. This event is sponsored by A.D.E.L.A.N.T.E.

A Visit to the European Parliament

April 11, 2018
Sewanee students participating in Sewanee Semester in Spain are examining Spain's history and its role in the European Union and the world. Sometimes their travels have taken them beyond the borders of Spain. For example, the group visited Morocco, a country with significant cultural ties to Spain, and just this week, the students went to Brussels, the capital of the European Union and got to tour the Parliament for the European Union.

Students Visit Exhibit of Photography from Mexico

April 3, 2018
Dr. Manuel Chinchilla accompanied students to view the exhibit, "Under the Mexican Sky: A Revolution in Modern Photography" at the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga on Saturday, March 31. This outing was sponsored by the Spanish Department and HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness.)

Sewanee Professors Present at the Cervantes Institute in Dublin.

March 26, 2018
“Framing a Shooting Star” was the title of a the conference held at the Cervantes Institute in Dublin this past Tuesday, March 20th. The conference was intended to be a preliminary approach to the Peruvian performer Yma Sumac (1922-2008) whose voice and legend has intrigued audiences for decades.

Trivia Night at the Spanish House

February 23, 2018
At the latest Tertulia, students met to compete in a Trivia night about "Spanish and Latin American stereotypes and strange traditions". Each team had to decide if certain traditions and practices are true or false. There were prizes for the winners!

Sewanee Students Spend Easter Semester in Spain

February 8, 2018
Dr. Ruth Sanchez along with 8 students will be spending the spring semester studying in Madrid from January 13-April 29. While in Madrid, the students live with families in the same neighborhood of Moncloa, about half way to the Universidad Complutense where they will be taking classes and the center of the city. The students take four classes during their time in Madrid: one grammar-conversation class, one dedicated to an intensive cultural orientation of Spain, followed by a 10-day trip to Andalusia and Morocco. Upon return, students continue taking courses the other classes, one of them deals with Spain's role in the European Union, and another with European Art. To unite these two classes the students take a trip to locations in Europe that play a key role in Spanish history and contemporary political structure such as Brussels, Masstricht, and Aix-la-Chapelle. After the trip, the students come back to Madrid to complete the semester.

Tertulia Schedule for the Spring Semester

January 31, 2018
The schedule has been set for fun activities at the Spanish House. Read more for details.

Sewanee Summer in Cartagena Debuts

January 24, 2018
The Spanish Department will offer a Study Abroad Program in Cartagena, Colombia, during the summer of 2018. Program Dates: May 20 – July 9 (2 weeks in Sewanee; 5 weeks in Colombia) Requirements: Spanish 300. Price: $ 5,648 Courses (8 credit hours) Span 303: Cultural Survey of Latin America I (Prof. Chinchilla) Span 326: Spanish Conversation and Cultural Immersion (Prof. Jordan) Info sessions Feb. 1 and 7, from 4-5 at Gailor Hall 132 Application (Due Feb. 15) Read more for link to the application.

3rd Annual International Karaoke Night

November 8, 2017
Students, faculty, and community members got together for a fun night of international music, food, and culture. There were over 35 acts singing in 8 languages taught at Sewanee: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish! Judges awarded prizes to the 3 best solo and group acts. Read more to find out who won.

Foreign Language Teachers Needed

November 7, 2017
Middle Tennessee State University has Teaching Fellowships available in the Master of Arts in Teaching program for Spanish, French, and German. Graduate Assistance in Areas of national need (GAANN) Fellowship offers: Full tuition and all fees paid, generous stipend, and a study abroad option. For more information, contact Dr. Joan McRae, Professor of French and Humanities at and visit

¡Viva la Cultura!

October 11, 2017
Come celebrate the end of Hispanic Heritage Month this Sunday, October 15 from 2:00pm-4:00pm on the Quad and enjoy tasty foods, games, and music. There will be piñatas, soccer, lotería, face painting, and more. This event is sponsored by ADELANTE, ACASA, HOLA, and the Spanish House.

Tertulia Schedule for the Fall Semester

September 28, 2017
The Spanish House has a fun schedule of events set for the fall semester - October 18, 7:00 pm (Maiz de las Americas) - November 1, 7:00 pm (Día de los Muertos) - November 15, 7:00 pm (Movida Madrileña) - Every Wednesday in November, 6:00 pm (Ciclo de cine, época de la movida) - December 6, 7:00 pm (Juegos típicos del mundo hispanohablante)

Spanish Table at McClurg dining hall
Spanish Table set for the Semester

September 4, 2017
The Spanish Department will be holding its "Mesa Española" every Tuesday at 1:00 and every Wednesday at noon on the balcony of McClurg. You do not need to be fluent in Spanish to attend. You just need to share a love of the Spanish language. It's fine to just sit and listen. All are welcome!

Spanish House Welcomes New Director

September 4, 2017
In his own words: My name is Marko Petrovic, my father is Serbian and my mother is Spanish so I can speak both languages. I was born in Madrid and have lived there my whole life. I have just graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a degree in Art History. I'm especially interested in medieval and modern art, as well as art appraisal, and I would like to earn a Masters degree related to that. I really enjoy listening to many types of music, learning languages and experiencing different cultures. I consider myself a lover of travel and nature and would like to take this opportunity in Sewanee to visit new places and meet new people while I share my culture. I hope this experiencie will also help me see things from a different perspective and set good future career goals.

Dr. Sánchez
Dr. Sanchez Awarded for Excellence in Service

August 14, 2017
Each year, the University awards the faculty member who best demonstrates excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service based on nominations from students and faculty. A selection committee with representatives from the Center for Teaching Advisory Board, the University Research Grants Committee, and the Coordinating Committee, along with the Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Inclusion (ex officio) review nominations and select the recipients who are honored at a reception later each spring. For the 2016-17 Academic Year, the Excellence in Service Award (a stipend of $500 for travel or professional development) was granted to Dr. Ruth Sanchez of the Spanish Department.

Dr. Sanchez Visits Spanish Alumni

August 1, 2017
On a recent trip to New Orleans, Dr. Ruth Sanchez stopped in on two former Spanish majors: Eli Gay (C'13) and Jacob Gardner (C'03). It had been many years since she had seen either of her former students and enjoyed surprising Eli Gay at his workplace, where he is now the owner of the Freret Beer Room.

Skits in Dr. García-Santana's Class

May 8, 2017
Students in Dr. García-Santana's Spanish 113 class put what they learned into practice in a series of funny skits they put together for the end of the semester. Read more to see them.

"Learning to Speak, Speaking to Learn" in Professor Jordan's Spanish Class

April 24, 2017
As part of the University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), "Learning to Speak, Speaking to Learn," Professor Angela Jordan has been giving her students numerous opportunities to work on their public speaking skills, while perfecting their Spanish language skills. The class has participated in debates, interviews with native speakers, oral presentations, and dialogues. Most recently, her students performed job interviews in Spanish. Please read more to see a stellar performance from her Spanish 203A students, Travis Nadalini and Levi Trumbore.

SSP Students Visit Morocco, Belgium, and the Netherlands

April 19, 2017
Students participating in the Sewanee Semester in Spain are learning just as much from their travels as they are learning in class. They recently took side trips around Spain, to Morocco, Belgium, and the Netherlands. View more to see highlights from their travels.

Students Inducted into Spanish Honor Society for 2017

April 14, 2017
A group of advanced Spanish students were inducted into Sigma Delta Pi, a national Spanish honor society at a ceremony led by Dr. Stephen Raulston with the assistance of Maren Johnson and Katie Weigel at the McGriff Alumni House.

¡Feria de Abril!

April 13, 2017
Come celebrate La Feria de Abril with good food, drinks, dancing, and music at the Spanish House this Saturday, April 15 at 9:00PM!! Tortillas, empanadas, croquetas and lots of fun

Aztec Dance Team

April 10, 2017
Come to Spencer Quad on Thursday, April 13th at 7:00p.m. to hear about the vibrant rich history, culture, and traditions of the Aztecatl, known as the Mexica people. HOLA proudly presents the first Aztec ceremonial dance performance by Ilhuicamina Flechador del Cielo.

"Thinking with Fuels: Toward Postcarbon and Other Futures"

April 3, 2017
All are welcome to attend a lecture by Karen Pinkus, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, Cornell University entitled "Thinking with Fuels: Toward Postcarbon and Other Future" on Monday, April 10 at 6:00P.M. at Gailor Auditorium

Drs. Leal and Márquez Speak at International Musicology Society Conference

March 31, 2017
Last week the International Musicological Society held its 20th meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Cesar Leal from the Music Department and Professor Arturo Márquez from Spanish presented their research along with faculty from all over the world.

Tertulia: Hispanic Cultural Organizations at Sewanee

March 27, 2017
Come to the Spanish House on Tuesday, March 28th at 7:30 pm to discover more about the Hispanic tradition on campus with special guests, HOLA and LATINX. There will be food, drinks, music, and a lot of fun!

Tertulia: ¡Carnival!

March 8, 2017
Students gathered at the Spanish House for a celebration of Carnival. They wore costumes and enjoyed delicious dishes from around the Latin American world, such as sopa de mariscos and chayote.

Latino Music Featured on WUTS!

February 17, 2017
Edgar Payano C'18 has a new show on Sewanee's radio station, WUTS 91.3FM called "One world, un mambo", which is aired every Sunday from 7-8pm. His show exclusively plays music genres from Latin America. The music is complemented by having commentary and discussion on socio-cultural aspects of Latino cultures. Edgar, a native speaker of Spanish, wants to increase the awareness and audience at Sewanee by bringing in a variety of genres and important artists. Latin America's rich history and diversity is reflected through the sounds and beats we hear from these genres. Music and dancing is a passion of his and he was raised listening to Spanish music (lyrics in Spanish, not music from Spain).

A Trip to Toledo

February 16, 2017
On Friday, February 10th, Sewanee Students participating in the Sewanee Semester in Spain went to Toledo to visit the city, the Cathedral, the Mosque “El Cristo de la luz”, El Museo de Los Concilios, and many other places. Toledo, a medieval city that was the cultural center of Spain during the 13th Century, and consisted of three cultures: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. One can still see the influence of all three all over the city.

Sewanee Students in Spain Visit Museums and the Theater

February 3, 2017
Sewanee students spending the spring semester in Madrid went to visit the Museo del Prado; little did they know they were sharing the museum with a high German dignitary that same day. Security was tight around the museum, but everything went perfectly. The students went the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and to the theater in the evening. They are making friendships with other students in Madrid and settling in to the routine of their classes.

Sewanee Semester in Spain 2017 Off to a Great Start

January 25, 2017
Sewanee students arrived safely in Spain on January 16th to spend the semester in Madrid. One of the first things they did was to take a walk on a cold afternoon through the old part of Madrid, with Prof. Antonio Momplet as the tour guide. Later in the week, the group visited the Museo Arqueológico de Madrid, where Dr. Momplet's account of the history of the building was interrupted by a short impromptu concert.

Spanish 113 Skits Based on "Love Actually"

January 18, 2017
Students in Dr. Lucia García-Santana's Spanish 113 class had fun using their Spanish language skills to put together a series of skits in Spanish loosely based on the movie, "Love Actually".

Spanish 303 Celebrates End of Semester with Argentine Mate

December 14, 2016
The students in Dr. Garcia-Santana's Spanish 303 class, Survey of Latin American Culture, celebrate the last day of class by trying Mate, the Argentine tea-like beverage, as part of our discussion on the Jesuit missions in the Guarani territories in the 17th century.

Students Learn about Franco's Regime

November 16, 2016
Students gathered at the Spanish House on Tuesday, November 15th, to learn about the regime of Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, through the lens of how it affected the family of Spanish House director, Elena Garcia Vargas. Dr. David Colbert was there to provide a larger context of Franco's regime.

Professor Jordan Speaks at Universidad del Norte in Colombia

November 11, 2016
Professor Angela Jordan spoke at a conference of Spanish professors in June of 2016 at Universidad del Norte in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. The title of her presentation was "Personaliza tu clase con fotos de tus viajes". She highlighted an activity for teaching the preterite and imperfect tense through describing a journey that she and her husband took flying from Florida to Colombia in a small prop plane.

2nd Annual Karaoke Night a Big Success!

October 28, 2016
International Karaoke Night featured group and solo acts with songs from 9 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian, and Spanish! We would like to thank the foreign language faculty, the Mellon Globalization Forum, the Center for Teaching, the E.L. Kellermann Language Resource Center, the Academic Technology Center, the Tiger Bay Pub, Sewanee Catering, and our judges: Linda Heck, Aaron Welch, and Jennifer Whitehead for making this event a success. Singers were judged based on voice quality, pronunciation, stage presence, and lyrical complexity. Read more to find out who won!

Dr. Momplet Discusses the Art of Islamic Spain

October 25, 2016
Brown Fellow, Dr. Antonio Momplet delivered a talk entitled, "The Art of Islamic Spain: Beyond the Middle Ages, Beyond the Iberian Peninsula at the Lytle Room of the University Archives on Monday, October 24th

Spanish Major Speaks to Board of Trustees

October 19, 2016
Spanish major, Divine Maloney C'17, recently spoke to the Board of Trustees who were gathered at Sewanee to tell his Sewanee story, and how learning Spanish changed his outlook on life.

Antonio Momplet
Momplet returns to Sewanee as Brown Foundation Fellow

August 31, 2016
The University of the South is welcoming two Brown Foundation Fellows this year: Antonio Momplet and Karen Proctor.

The Art of Mexico on View at the University Archives

August 19, 2016
The exhibit, “Communal Spirit: 3,000 Years of Mexican Artistry” will be on view at the Museum Gallery of the University Archives from August 31-December 16. Several events are planned in conjunction with the exhibit. All students, faculty, staff, and community members are urged to come.

Dr. Burner Conducts Research in Chile

August 17, 2016
Dr. Lisa Burner traveled to Chile during the summer of 2016. Her research was focused on Chilean literature, the labor press, and nitrate mining in the north of Chile. In addition to visiting the abandoned mining town, she conducted archival research at the Fundación CREAR: Centro de Investigación de la Realidad del Norte in Iquique and the Biblioteca Nacional in Santiago. A highlight of the trip was visiting an abandoned nitrate mining town in the Atacama desert.

Burner & Márquez Participate in LASA. Congress

August 17, 2016
Dr. Lisa Burner and Dr. Arturo Márquez-Gómez both presented their research at the annual congress of the Latin American Studies Association in New York City in May of 2016.

Prof. Rauslton y Ahmad R. El-Bobou, A.T. Pickering Award for Excellence in Spanish
Spanish Majors of 2016 Graduate

May 16, 2016
The Spanish majors graduating in 2016 were joined by Spanish faculty and their families for a joyous graduation celebration on Sunday, May 8th.

Beatriz Reyes
Former Spanish House Director Earns Masters Degree

May 16, 2016
Beatriz Pérez Reyes, former director of the Spanish House, has earned her Masters of Arts in Spanish from the University of Louisville, and has been recognized as having been an Outstanding Student in the program. Everyone in the Spanish Department is proud of Bea's accomplishments.

Spanish Professors Participate in Body Conference

April 18, 2016
Professors in the Spanish Department contributed to "'Why All the Fuss about the Body?': An Interdisciplinary Conference on Local and Global/ized Bodies", which was held April 15-16, 2016, and organized by the Mellon Globalization Forum. Dr. Márquez-Gómez moderated the panel on Body, Sex, and Gender, Dr. Betsy Sandlin moderated the panel on Performing Bodies, and Dr. Steven Raulston moderated the panel on The Dead Body.

Inductees into Sigma Delta Pi
Professors and Students Inducted into Sigma Delta Pi

March 25, 2016
On Wednesday, March 24th 2016, 19 students and two professors were inducted into the Spanish Honorary Society Sigma Delta Pi

El Día de Acción de Gracias at McClurg
El Día de Acción de Gracias

November 23, 2015
Residents of the Spanish House, faculty, and students of Spanish met at McClurg to celebrate Thanksgiving (el Día de Acción de Gracias)on November 19th.

Dr. Sánchez talking
Dr. Sánchez Addresses the South Atlantic Modern Language Association

November 17, 2015
Professor Sánchez attended the South Atlantic Modern Language Association 87th Annual meeting in Durham, NC, November 13-15, where she chaired a Professional Development Session titled “The CV: is this really you?”. At the annual meeting Professor Sánchez also became the President of the Association for the year 2015-2016.

Spanish sweeps the Karaoke Awards!

October 28, 2015
At the International Karaoke Night this past Monday, judges that included students and community members who are knowledgeable about music and singing chose the top 3 solo and group acts. Conoly Koontz tied with a German student for first place singing the Gipsy Kings' Spanish version of "Hotel California". Keiki Howe took 3rd place for her rendition of Jesse y Joy's "Ya no quiero." Students of Spanish took 2nd and 3rd place for group acts: Sarah Board and Sarah Thompson took 2nd prize for "Mi primer millon" by Bacilos. Yin Agbontaen and Mansell Ambrose placed 3rd for Christina Aguillera's "Ven conmigo".

Sewanee student pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago
Another Successful Camino de Santiago

September 10, 2015
This past summer, ten Sewanee student pilgrims completed the Camino de Santiago with the Spanish Department. Before the hike started, the pilgrims had 10 days of intensive Spanish language training in Sewanee, followed by two weeks to live with host families, take coursework, and immerse themselves in the culture and cuisine of Madrid. They then walked over 200 miles through cities, towns, and beautiful countryside to the holy city of Santiago in Galicia, forming strong bonds and lasting friendships along the way.

 Dr. Colbert poses ironically with his family in Basque attire
Dr. Colbert Learns Basque

August 3, 2015
Professor David Colbert-Goicoa has completed a two-week Basque language immersion course at the Maizpide Barnetegi-Euskaltegia in the town of Lazkao in the Basque Country. The course involves eight hours a day of classes and workshops, and students eat and sleep in the school building, speaking Basque with classmates, teachers, and locals. Professor Colbert’s goal is to read Basque literature, which he researches, in the original. Basque, which is spoken by about 800,000 people in Spain and France is unrelated to Spanish or any other languages and is legendarily difficult. Professor Colbert thus finds himself sympathizing with the challenges his own Spanish students face! This is Professor Colbert’s second time attending a course at Maizpide; the previous one was catered specifically to scholars of literature and sponsored by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Spanish Majors Graduation photo
14 Graduate as Spanish Majors

June 1, 2015
This year, 14 students graduated with a major in Spanish, and we are so proud of all of them! Three were awarded prestigious departmental prizes, one was awarded an elusive grade of distinction on comprehensive exams, and seven students earned Honors by completing and presenting original research. ¡Felicidades a todos!

Ahmad photo
Spanish Major Wins Scholarship Sewanee Award

May 11, 2015
Spanish major, Ahmad El-Bobou, tied for 2nd place in the category, "Best Presentation in Arts and Humanities" with his research, “Franco's Spain in Buero Vallejo” conducted with the guidance of Dr.Ruth Sanchez. Scholarship Sewanee is a celebration of student research at the University held near the end of each Easter semester. The 2015 edition featured over 40 oral presentations and performances, and over 75 posters. Disciplines represented this year ranged from Dance to Physics, English to Chemistry, Spanish to Politics, and everything in between.

Spanish Major Presents her Research
Spanish Majors Present their Research

May 7, 2015
Seven graduating Spanish majors were granted Honors for their original research this year. As part of the new senior seminar taught by Professors Colbert and Chinchilla, these students completed a 15-20 page research paper in Spanish and presented their work to faculty and friends. Below is a list of the students and the titles of their papers. ¡Felicidades a todos!

New Inductees into Spanish Honor Society
New Inductees into Spanish Honor Society

April 22, 2015
On Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, the Spanish Honorary Society inducted the new members in a ceremony that took place in Convocation Hall at 5:30 PM. It was followed by a reception in the Art Gallery.

The Running of the Bulls event photo
Running of the "Bulls" at Sewanee

April 22, 2015
On April 12th, the Spanish House and HOLA staged their own unique version The Running of the Bulls. Students ran in a short and fun race, dressed in the traditional Spanish white and red followed by a fun get-together at the Spanish House. Donations were taken for the Animal Harbor.

Professor Jordan's students do Job Interviews

April 16, 2015
Job Interview skills are useful for any college student, but being able to do it in Spanish is even better! The students in Professor Jordan's class practiced doing job interviews last week. In doing so, they used a variety of grammatical forms and vocabulary sets in a realistic context: the subjunctive, greetings, introductions, the imperfect tense, the preterite tense, numbers, interrogative forms, etc. Many of our Spanish majors have gotten jobs simply for being bilingual. Let's hope that these students are among them.

Arturo Márquez Gómez photo
Arturo Márquez Gómez Joins Spanish Department

April 14, 2015
Arturo Márquez Gómez will be joining the Spanish Department at Sewannee in the Fall of 2015. Born and raised in Chile, he graduated from Middlebury College and the Brown University and has taught at Middlebury College, Gettysburg College, and Kalamazoo College.

Lisa Burner
Spanish Department Welcomes Lisa Burner

March 9, 2015
The Spanish department is pleased to announce that Lisa Burner will be joining us in the fall in a tenure-track position. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research and teaching interests bring together the study of Latin American literatures and cultures with environmental and economic concerns. Having received her BA in Latin American Studies and International Studies at Colby College, in Maine, Lisa is very pleased to be returning to a small liberal arts environment in a beautiful location. She reports she is thrilled to be joining the faculty of the Spanish Department and looks forward to working with Sewanee students this fall! We look forward to having her!

March Semester in Spain Update

March 5, 2015
Professor Spaccarelli wanted to share some of the adventures that he and some of our Sewanee students have been experiencing lately!

Amiel photo
Amiel Emerson combines Spanish and Biology in Translation Project

March 2, 2015
Junior Spanish minor-Biology major, Amiel Emerson is working under the supervision of Professors Moore (Biology) and Sánchez (Spanish) on the translation of the article entitled: "Caracteristicas Anatomicas del Aparato Genital Masculino del Caiman crocodilus crocodilus" by Francisco J. Cabrera A., y Gisela C. Garcia C. After Amiel completes the translation, he will present a poster describing the evolution of his work in Scholarship Sewanee, on April 24th.

Dr. Sanchez to Attend Seminar on Crime Fiction

March 2, 2015
Prof. Sánchez will be attending a National Humanities Council duPont Seminar at the beginning of June on “What Crime Fiction Teaches Us.” She hopes to use this seminar to expand her course on Spanish Detective Novels.

Semester in Spain students at Museo Reina Sofía
Student Update from Spain

February 6, 2015
A group of Sewanee students, along with Professor Tom Spaccarelli, are spending the Easter semester learning and exploring in Spain.

"A monster rises from a dark lagoon" in Professors Steve Raulston and Betsy Sandlin innovative foreign-language teaching
Sandlin & Raulston Adopt Teaching Style Based on Language Acquisition Research

November 20, 2014
In the spring semester of 2014, Professors Steve Raulston and Betsy Sandlin received a $1500 grant from the Mellon Globalization Forum in support of innovative foreign-language teaching. For the past two years Raulston and Sandlin have piloted sections of Spanish 103 and 104 which do not use a textbook. These courses work, instead, on the theory, supported by research, that students acquire vocabulary and grammatical structures deeply and well by hearing language that they understand in an environment rich with repetition, physical movement, competition and other forms of play, and by reading. Creating and telling stories in Spanish have a central place in both professors’ classes. Raulston and Sandlin have used their grant money to purchase props, supplies, and games for their language classrooms. They are also building a library of level-appropriate novels that they will incorporate into their curriculum and also make available to students for free reading.

Professor Sandlin named Interim Co-Director of the Center for Teaching

November 18, 2014
Professor Sandlin and Professor Deon Miles (Chemistry) have been named Interim Co-Directors of the Center for Teaching for the remainder of the year. They will be working together to offer programs on teaching for all Sewanee faculty, such as the new Teach & Tell series in which faculty gather once a month to share teaching techniques and ideas. They will also administer a faculty mentor program, sponsor events for new faculty, and publish a monthly newsletter. In addition, they are chairing the Center for Teaching task force, which will make recommendations for the future of the Center for Teaching based on their study of model Centers at peer institutions, faculty needs, and best practices in faculty development. While Professor Sandlin is excited about taking on this new challenge, she will continue to chair the Spanish department and teach Spanish courses as well.

Dr. Raulston's Spanish 103 Class Makes Video

October 29, 2014
Language learning is always fun in Dr. Raulston's beginner Spanish class. In the unit on learning body parts, the class collaborated on this fun music video.

ACLA logo
Dr. Chinchilla Chairs Panel at American Comparative Literature Association Conference

October 16, 2014
Professor Manuel Chinchilla will be chairing a panel at the 2015 Conference for the American Comparative Literature Association. The title of the panel is “Before and Beyond the Law: Cultural Representations of Impunity and Immunity”.

Foreign Language Degrees Pay Off!

September 10, 2014
According to a study published in the "Wall Street Journal" and conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, among liberal arts graduates, the highest paying entry-level salaries are paid to students with foreign language and literature degrees. The average starting salary for foreign language degree holders in 2014 was $46,900/year.

The Spanish Department with Wesley (iGS major, Spanish minor) Allan (Spanish major, Art History minor) and Abbey (Spanish major, Biology minor)
Commencement 2014

May 22, 2014
The Spanish Department with three of our graduates Wesley (iGS major, Spanish minor) Allan (Spanish major, Art History minor) and Abbey (Spanish major, Biology minor). We also say goodbye to Professor Kroll who is going to Reed College, but we say Welcome to Professor Colbert-Goicoa, who joins the Department as a tenure track professor.

Rubén Casas
Spanish House to Welcome New Resident

May 21, 2014
Rubén Casas is from Galicia, north of Spain, where Spanish and Galician languages live together as an example of the cultural plurality of this country. He is a graduate in Advertising and Public Relations at Complutense University of Madrid, and he also has an interest in Communication Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. He likes theatre acting and performing arts and he was part of “San Juan Evangelista” University residence´s theatre group. He is a member of the world Scout movement. Scouting looks for the improvement of the society and environment through the non-formal education to make young people become society leaders. He is proud of his culture and he wants to show it to everyone so they can enjoy it.

Induction certificates for Spanish Honor Students
Spanish Honor Students Inducted

April 24, 2014
On April 24th, sixteen new student members and three honorary faculty members were inducted into Sewanee's Kappa Chapter of the National Spanish Honors Society, Sigma Delta Pi. Student initiates were Helen Langdon Bartlett, Mary Clair Craig, Angelica Esther De Freitas, Hannah Grace Fay, Daniel Luke Fortner, Alexandra Jeannette Friedl, Carol Ann Head, Shelby Layne Koebly, Kausha Luana Luna, Rebecca Erin McDonough, Samuel Pierce Myers, Megan Patricia Poole, Jeremy Rios, Eric Hamilton Roddy, and Logan Danae Shirley. Faculty initiates were David Andrew Colbert-Goicoa, Cesar Andrés Leal, and Colt Brazill Segrest. Congratulations!

Professor Betsy A. Sandlin photo
Associated Colleges of the South names Professor Sandlin summer director

March 27, 2014
Professor Betsy A. Sandlin was recently named the next director of the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) Summer Teaching and Learning Workshop, a position that she will begin in July 2014. Sandlin attended the workshop as a participant in 2005 and has served as a facilitator at the workshop for eight years.

 Valentines day tree
Spanish Students Serenade in Celebration of San Valentin

February 14, 2014
Spanish Department students serenaded the diners and workers in McClurg Dining Hall in celebration of Valentine's Day!

Students with Cid and his family when high above the city
Semester in Spain Update

February 12, 2014
Sewanee students participating in the study abroad program shared a couple of pictures from their recent studies in Spain.

Professor Chinchilla Sabbatical Update

January 14, 2014
Professor Chinchilla is currently on sabbatical leave and working on a book project that studeis contemporary Latin American literature and film through the lens of transnational networks. He is also designing a new course for the Spanish major titled “Marvel and Margin in Latin American Culture”, which will examine the recurrence of marginality and the marvelous as Latin American motifs.

Che Memorial
Study Trip to Cuba Update

January 7, 2014
Read an update from Professor Spaccarelli and the participants of Spanish 370, A study-trip to Cuba.

Dr. Sánchez
Professor Sanchez Presents Paper at SAMLA

November 15, 2013
On November 8-10, Professor Sanchez participated in the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) annual conference. She presented a paper on Spanish movie director Pedro Almodóvar titled: "Making Meaning of Images in Almodóvar's ˆWomen on the verge of a Nervous Breakdown;" she chaired two session on Films Around the World, and she was a panelist on a session about publishing in the South Atlantic Review (SAR). She is the Foreign Language Book Review for SAR.

Vices of Wicked Women book cover
Vices of Wicked Women

September 16, 2013
Professor Eric W. Naylor, William R. Kenan Professor of Spanish, Emeritus, just published a new book titled "The Archpriest of Talavera by Alonso Martínez de Toledo: Dealing with the Vices of Wicked Women and the Complexions of Men". He edited the book with Prof. Jerry R. Rank.

Brazil flag
Student Summer Trip to Brazil

August 15, 2013
Professor Spaccarelli and the four students who participated in the Brazil Study Trip in the summer of 2013 pose in front of Rio de Janeiro's famous Cristo Redentor on Corcovado mountain in the middle of the most beautiful city in the world. The program spent the month of July studying the history, politics, and culture of Brazil while visiting Brasilia, Rio, and the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

The Ghostly and the Ghosted in Literature and Film book cover
Essay by Professor Sandlin Published

June 10, 2013
Professor Sandlin recently published an essay titled, "Haunting mothers: alternative modes of communication in Geographies of Home and Soledad" in a volume published by the University of Delaware Press (2013): The Ghostly and the Ghosted in Literature and Film: Spectral Identities. Sandlin's essay discusses two contemporary Dominican American novels (Geographies of Home, by Loida Maritza Pérez and Soledad by Angie Cruz) and the ways in which the "spectral" mother characters teach their daughters about identity, empowerment, and survival.

Sigman Delta Pi logo
Spanish Honor Students Inducted

April 10, 2013
On April 9th, ten new student members and two honorary faculty members were inducted into Sewanee's Kappa Chapter of the National Spanish Honors Society, Sigma Delta Pi.

Semester In Spain Update

March 29, 2013
Professor Sánchez is traveling with students studying for a semester in Spain. Here is another sample of what the students have been experiencing!

“Passion, Politics, and Painting” poster
Students Travel to Atlanta for “Passion, Politics, and Painting”

February 25, 2013
Professor Sandlin's Spanish 350 class (Latin American Cultural Icons) traveled to Atlanta on February 23rd to see the exhibit, ,"Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics, and Painting." They also listened to a talk by guest curator, Eliot King (Assistant Professor at Washington & Lee University).

Semester in Spain Update

February 15, 2013
Professor Sánchez is traveling with students studying for a semester in Spain and reports that everyone is having a wonderful time. Here is an idea of what the students have been experiencing in Spain!

Professor Sandlin Wins ACS Award

February 5, 2013
Sewanee faculty members have received seven awards from the Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) Faculty Advancement Program, which is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Dr. Sánchez
Sanchez at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association

November 20, 2012
Prof. Sánchez went to Durham, NC to present a paper in the South Atlantic Modern Language Association, the topic of this paper was also la Monja Alférez: “El exilio personal de Catalina de Erauso,” following the theme of the conference: “Text as Memoir: Tales of Travel, Immigration, and Exile.” She also organized and chaired a session for Grupo de estudios sobre la mujer en España y las Américas / Group for Women’s Studies in Spain and the Americas (GEMELA) again following the theme of the conference “Text as Memoir: Tales of Travel, Immigration, and Exile.” Professor Sánchez will be directing the Sewanee Semester in Spain Program during the Easter 2013 semester.

Professor Sanchez Presents Paper at Conference

October 25, 2012
From October 18th to 20th, Prof. Sánchez attended the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference in Winston-Salem, NC where she read a paper on “El drama de La monja alférez” The politics of “Performance”: A Transcultural Perspective. She also chaired a session on Golden Age Masters.

Spanish_Awardees photo_2012

May 15, 2012
Three Students received awards in the Spanish Department: Logan Miller and Juli White received The A. T. Pickering Award for excellence in Spanish. Yuliana Muñoz Paulino received The Schauss Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Spanish Department.

Julianna White photo
Congratulations Julianna White!

February 6, 2012
Senior Spanish major Julianna White not only has been accepted by the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Department at the University of Virginia to complete her MA/Ph.D program, but also she has been nominated for the prestigious "Jefferson Scholarship", a generous financial package that includes a stipend, tuition waiver, health coverage, and reduced teaching load. The Jefferson Foundation seeks to bring the very best students to the University of Virginia.

Sewanee students spend Christmas in Cuba

February 3, 2012
The participants of Spanish 370, a study-trip to Cuba, took a two-week sojourn on the island between December 16 and 29.

Comedia Performance cover
Professor Sánchez Has Article Published

May 2, 2011
Professor Sánchez Imizcoz, whose article was published in Comedia Performance, specializes in and writes extensively about theatrical life in 17th Century Spain, with a special interest in the short theater.

Sigman Delta Pi logo
Sigman Delta Pi Induction Ceremony Held

May 1, 2011
On April 28th, 2011, Sewanee’s Kappa Chapter for Sigma Delta Pi (National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society) was honored to introduced two new honorary members and eleven new active members. Inductees fulfilled the society’s standards for academic excellence in the Spanish language and accepted the society’s insignia to seal their commitment as ambassadors of Hispanic culture.

Lecture by Luis Fernando Restrepo, February 22

February 2, 2011
On February 22, 2011 at 4:30 in Gailor Auditorium, Professor Luis Fernando Restrepo, Assistant Vice Provost for Diversity and Professor of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, will present a lecture titled "Andean Rights and Imperial Justice: Don Diego de Torres, Cacique of Turmequé in New Granada, and the Colonial Genealogy of Human Rights Discourse." At 7:00 that evening, Professor Restrepo will also participate in a Tertulia at the Spanish House.

Sewanee Opportunities for Spanish Study This Summer

January 25, 2011
Students who complete Spanish 104 this semester can satisfy the language requirement this summer by taking intensive Spanish 203 (May 24 - June 7) followed by either Summer in Spain or Spanish 300, which is being taught in the regular Summer School. There is a meeting for Summer in Spain on Wednesday, January 26th at 5:00 in Gailor 233. Students who complete Spanish 203 this semester can also finish the language requirement by participating in Summer in Spain or taking Summer School Spanish 300. Students currently studying above the 300 level are most encouraged to apply to Summer in Spain.

Article co-written by Professor Sandlin and Rachel Combs to be published

April 19, 2010
As a result of research conducted last summer as part of a Fund for Innovative Teaching and Learning (FITL) Research Internship, an article co-written by Professor Sandlin and senior IGS (Hispanic World) major Rachel Combs will appear in a forthcoming issue of the peer reviewed journal, Monographic Review. Their essay is titled "Fashioning the Self: Gender, Spectacle, and Glamour in Sirena Selena vestida de pena by Mayra Santos Febres." Rachel's interest in this Puerto Rican novel from 2001 began in Professor Sandlin's seminar on Women Authors of the Hispanic Caribbean.

12 students and 2 professors inducted into Sigma Delta Pi

April 13, 2010
On March 13, twelve students were inducted into the Kappa of Tennessee chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honors Society. Students are selected each year based on academic success in the Spanish department and in the college as well as interest in Hispanic cultures and the Spanish language. New inductees include: Jaime de la Fuente, Katharine Freeman, Sally Haar, Dean Hayes, Joanie Ingles, Danielle Kabbes, Emily Laycock, Alexandra May, Logan Miller, Rhett Reeves, Victoria Salekin, and Eric Utermohlen. Professors Chinchilla and Martínez-Osorio were also inducted as honorary members.

Professor Martínez-Osorio presents at conferences

February 23, 2010
Professor Martínez-Osorio presented a paper at the 9th conference of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry at the University of Oregon. His paper was entitled “Reconsidering Juan de Castellanos’ ‘imitation’ of Alonso de Ercilla” and dealt primarily with the representation of female indigenous characters in Castellanos’ writings. In addition, professor Martínez-Osorio presented a paper at the conference of the Association of Colombianists at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. His paper was entitled “Huyámonos a tierras de cristianos / que buen tiempo tenemos en las manos”: Los cuentos de cautivos en las Elegías de Varones Ilustres de las Indias.

Professors Spaccarelli and Raulston publish article

February 18, 2010
Professors Spaccarelli and Raulston have co-authored an article which will appear in 2010 in a collection titled El olvidado encanto de Enrique, fi de Oliva, edited by Cristina González of the University of California, Davis. Their analysis of the late-medieval chivalric novel Enrique, fi de Oliva identifies and explores the structural and thematic role of pilgrims and pilgrimage as agents of healing and restitution within in the text. The collection is being published in honor of Alan Deyermond, the preeminent British medievalist whose broad-ranging work brought attention to the chivalric novel as a genre largely and unjustly overlooked by scholars. This is Raulston's and Spaccarelli's first joint publication.

Fifteen students participating in Sewanee’s Semester in Spain program

January 20, 2010
Professor Sánchez has taken fifteen Sewanee students with her to spend the semester in Spain. While their studies and home stays take place in Madrid, they will also be taking various excursions throughout the semester: to Valencia, el País Vasco, and Toledo, for example. Students will also have time for independent travel. We’ll keep everyone updated on the group’s activities and post photos throughout the semester. This photo shows students with professor Antonio Momplet explaning the history of the Plaza del Patriarca in Valencia.

Professor Spaccarelli traveling in South America

January 10, 2010
Professor Spaccarelli is on sabbatical leave Easter semester, 2010. He is currently in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina helping Sewanee alum Grant Burrier (C '05) in a research project involving "empresas y fábricas recuperadas". Burrier is finishing a PhD in Latin American politics and culture at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Spanish Professors Present at SAMLA

November 9, 2009
Professor Sánchez delivered a paper titled "Los niños y la Guerra" about children's rights as represented in literature from post-Civil War Spain. She also served as secretary for the American Association for Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese session on Human Rights in Literature, in which she presented. She will serve as chair of the session at the 2010 conference. Professor Sandlin's paper, "Dressing Up: Performing Social Class in Mayra Santos Febres' Sirena Selena Vestida de Pena," was read as part of a special session on "Trans-identities" in Latin American literature. Professor Bonds also attended the conference.

Instructor Angela Jordan attends seminar in Colombia

August 21, 2009
Ms. Jordan attended a seminar entitled "Diplomado Cartagena de Indias, El caribe: Epcientro de la América Bicentanaria” in Cartagena, Colombia from June 22nd to July 3rd of 2009. It is one of three annual seminars taking place between 2009 and 2011 through la Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar. The 2009 seminar explored the history, economy, culture, and arts and sciences of the Caribbean during the two centuries following independence. Specific themes included: international migration, African slaves, economic inequality between countries, the role of pre-Colombian society, the late decolonization of some countries and conflicts posterior to decolonization.