It has long been part of the Liberal Arts philosophy at Sewanee that one hallmark of an educated person is the ability to read significant cultural texts in a foreign language and to discuss and write about those texts in the language of their composition. This is the rationale for the College’s requirement that all students study a foreign language through the literature level. In support of this goal, the Spanish Department offers a range of courses from Spanish for true beginners (103) to a thematically-organized introduction to the literature of the Hispanic World (300).

Beyond supporting the College’s core requirements, the Spanish Department offers a Major in Spanish Literature whose goal is to enable the student to construct a broad knowledge of the history and culture of Spain and Latin America and a sound familiarity with their common and distinct literary history.

The Spanish Department maintains two Sewanee study-abroad programs in Spain. Sewanee Semester in Spain, a spring-semester program based in Madrid, is focused on Muslim Spain and involves extensive travel in southern Spain and northern Africa.  Sewanee Summer in Spain is focused on the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and culminates in 3 weeks of hiking the celebrated medieval pilgrimage route across northern Spain.

The Spanish Department oversees the Casa de España y de las Américas, a Spanish-speaking living environment in the center of campus, and is the sponsor of the Tennessee Kappa chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor society.

Members of the Department play integral roles in the International and Global Studies Program the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program, and the Sewanee Medieval Colloquium.