If this education is to be used well,
it is obvious that it must be used somewhere;
it must be used where one lives,
where one intends to continue to live;
it must be brought home.

Wendell Berry, Home Economics, 1987


A minor in Southern Appalachian Studies provides students with the opportunity to study the social, political, economic, and environmental issues important to the region and the cultures within it from a number of disciplinary perspectives, ranging from humanities to sciences. This minor brings together a focus and grounding in the rich heritage of the local and immediate region of southern Appalachia, offering students valuable opportunities to explore, understand, and contribute their perspectives and stewardship to communities of southern Appalachia.

The mission of a minor in Southern Appalachian Studies is to promote scholarship, education, creative expression, and action among students regarding the rich history, culture, and development of this region, while cultivating skills valuable to the deep understanding and interaction with any place.

Requirements: students must complete a total of five courses:  one required core course (PSYC 230 CE) and four elective courses.  A maximum of two 100-level courses can count toward the minor.  

Program coordinator:
John Willis