Russian House Welcomes its New Head Resident

My name is Vika (or Viktoria) Malik, I was born and raised in a small Russian city, Arkhangelsk - it is right next to the White sea and not far from Norway, so we also have beautiful northern lights and white nights there. During the last four years I had been studying Art History at Saint Petersburg State University in my most favorite city of Russia, which I wish everyone to visit. My main interests are languages - teaching and learning - I have recently got my degree as a Russian teacher for foreigners, so I am happy to practice my teaching skills with you! As about learning, I am very glad to study French and Italian at Sewanee now. My other passions are fine arts (obviously), literature and travelling. So, if you want to have a nice talk about Dostoyevsky, Malevich or Kilimanjaro climbing, step by the Russian House.