Scott Ward to Pursue Research Project at Yale

Scott Ward

A Biochemistry and Russian double-major on the pre-med track, Scott pursues his interests in neuroscience, medicine, and Russian with passion—taking courses not only at Sewanee but beyond, investigating and writing a research paper titled “The History of Neurolinguistics,” participating in a summer internship involving prosthetics, examining effects of oxidative cellular stress on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (research with Sewanee’s Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bethel Sharma, with results presented in a poster at Scholarship Sewanee), and studying abroad in Russia. “Scott’s singularly distinguishing quality as a student is his intellectual curiosity. That phrase is often used to describe talented undergraduates, but Scott’s deep interest in disparate subjects indicates a true love of learning and the sustained excitement required for successful intellectual inquiry and research,” commented one of his recommenders. A member of Sewanee’s Order of Gownsmen, Scott also serves on the Sophomore Year Experience Council and is a member of the varsity baseball team.