Russian House welcomes Maria Sokolova as Head Resident

Maria Sokolova, head resident of the Russian House for SY 2015-2016
This year Maria Sokolova will be living in the Russian House.  Maria is from St. Petersurg, and will be tutoring first year students, organizing Russian House activities, while taking courses at Sewanee.  She is interested in international relations, and was most recently at Bard College in New York.
Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. 
Bachelor of Arts, Bard College, USA.
Major: International Relations, Political Sciences and Human Rights.
Academic interests include civic engagement, human rights, Russian politics. Senior's project was dedicated to the regional policy in Russia and presidential visits to the federal regions in 2000-2014.
Extracurricular activities include sport activities (swimming, athletics, karate), journalism, non-fiction writing, drama club.