Sewanee Model U.N. Club Participates in MTSU Event

On March 1, 2014,  Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) hosted Sewanee's Model United Nations (MUN) team to discuss a crisis situation regarding Nigeria. Crisis simulations within MUN often take an issue that is already sensitive in the international community and provokes the delegates to think about possible future outcomes if it is not addressed.

The crisis was initially focused on how Boko Haram, a terrorist organization located in Nigeria's Muslim north, causes civil unrest and is forcing thousands of Nigerians to move to refugee camps. Within these refugee camps, the international body was asked to address issues regarding famine and malnutrition.

As the conference continued, the chair provided the delegation with updates indicating that a military coup occurred and Nigeria was no longer in favor of accepting international intervention. This left delegates in a difficult situation and ultimately prevented providing aid the Nigerian people. A directive (a resolution for crisis simulations) was passed that supported international aid to refugee camps outside of the country, and permitted Nigeria to maintain state sovereignty. This was the second annual MTSU MUN competition with Sewanee and the MUN team on campus hopes to continue to build this relationship in the coming years.