Professor Scott Wilson publishes book, conducts research and gives lectures in China

Scott Wilson in China

Scott Wilson, Alfred W. Negley chair in the Department of Politics, has recently published a book titled "Tigers without Teeth: The Pursuit of Justice in Contemporary China." The book analyzes how Chinese pollution victims and AIDS carriers have attempted to use civil society organizations and the courts to protect their rights and interests. Through detailed analyses and comparisons of pollution victims' and AIDS carriers' causes, Wilson explores the politics of justice in China. In the book, he argues that China's state is responding to the demands and interests of environmental activists more so than AIDS carriers and their backers. 

During the academic year 2014-15, Wilson is in Wuhan, China, on a Fulbright research grant. Affiliated with the Environmental Law Research Institute of Wuhan University, he is collecting data on China's environmental policies and citizen participation and collaborating on a paper addressing China's environmental impact assessment process. In particular, he is examining citizens' access to participate, often through civil society organizations, in environmental litigation cases and the environmental impact assessment system in China.

As part of the Fulbright mission to foster better understanding of other cultures, Wilson has also delivered a number of guest lectures at institutions throughout China. He has lectured at universities in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Taiyuan on topics including American popular culture and racial stereotypes, U.S.-China relations, his personal observations of thirty years' of China's material and value changes, gridlock in the U.S. political system, and the history of liberal arts colleges in the U.S.