Patterson Edits Special Edition of Journal on Religion and AIDS in Africa

Recently, Professor Amy Patterson edited a special edition of Canadian Journal of African Studies 47, no. 2 (2013), titled "The Politics and Anti-Politics of Social Movements: Religion and AIDS in Africa."  Patterson contributed three articles to the special edition.  She co-authored the special edition's introduction with Marian Burchardt and Louise Rasmussen, as well as an essay, titled "HIV Activism, Framing and Identity Formation in Mozambique’s Equipas de Vida,” co-authored with Rebecca Vander Meulen and Marian Burchardt. Patterson also had a single-authored piece, “Pastors as Leaders in Africa’s Religion HIV/AIDS Mobilization: Cases from Ghana and Zambia” appear in the special edition. The contributions result from Patterson's ongoing research on the role of churches in responding to AIDS in Africa.