Professor Andrea Hatcher Publishes New Book

Unlike their American counterparts, British Evangelicals have no discernable ideological or partisan affiliation, and they pursue their political interests through civic and social organizations rather than electoral influence. In Political and Religious Identities of British Evangelicals (Palgrave, 2017), Hatcher explains that Evangelicals in the U.K. lack a social identity necessary for politicization. First, British Evangelicals generally do not identify as "Evangelical" because of the label's negative connotations grounded in the American experience. Moreover, they do not exhibit in-/out-group biases or a threat perception of "others," both of which are premises of a Culture War. Instead, British Evangelicals see themselves as part of the mainstream and for that reason, in their civic work, prioritize social justice issues. Drawing from interviews with elites (MPs, clergy, academics, journalists, and activists) as well as focus groups in ten Evangelical congregations across the country, this book is the only comprehensive study of British Evangelicals in their own words. Altogether, the research demonstrates that political attitudes and behaviors, even among the same religious tradition, are situational according to cultural and political contexts.