Carrie Skulley joins the Department of Politics!

Carrie Skulley has two recent publications. The first (from 2017) is entitled "'You Should Smile More!' Gender and Press Coverage of Candidates During the 2016 Presidential Primary" in Unconventional, Partisan, and Polarizing Rhetoric: How the 2016 Election Shaped the Way Candidates Strategize, Engage, and Communicate, ed. Jeanine Kraybill. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.  The citation for Dr. Skulley’s second publication is: Silva, Andrea, and Carrie Skulley. 2018. "Always Running: Candidate Emergence among Women of Color over Time." 2018. Political Research Quarterly.

In addition to moving to Sewanee, Dr. Skulley has been working on a manuscript for an edited volume exploring the legacy of Hillary Clinton in which she considers Clinton's position as both the exception and the rule when it comes to women and elected office.