Awards Announced at Commencement 2014

Pardon us for taking a moment to be proud of our students and faculty.  At Sewanee's 2014 Commencement, held May 11, an extraordinary class of 26 political science majors graduated and received numerous honors.  Eight of the majors received honors in the department, which requires the completion of an honors project, distinction on the comprehensive examination, and a 3.40 departmental grade point average.  This year's honors students conducted research on diverse topics, ranging from national consciousness and civil war memory in El Salvador to the effect of Supreme Court ideology on decision-making in the Rehnquist and Roberts courts to comparative food policy and sustainability in four countries. Those receiving honors in political science included Anna Alikhani, Caroline Burkholder, Maggie Dunlap, Adele Ewan, Kelsey Koontz, Margaret Petersen, Nic Pusateri, and Warren Snead. Nine majors were awarded for honors in the college, including three at the level of summa cum laude, and one at magna cum laude. Atticus Frank, a double-major in political science and economics was named the outstanding social science student, an award granted to an outstanding major in a social science discipline who has taken significant coursework in the other social sciences.  Atticus's work in two social science fields (even earning honors in economics) exemplifies the goals of the award. Warren Snead and Maggie Dunlap were honored for their outstanding work in political science during the senior year.  Three majors (Maggie Dunlap, Warren Snead, and Brittany Macon) were inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.  Brittany Macon also received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan medallion, the highest honor bestowed on a graduating senior for her exemplary service. Kelsey Koontz will spend the year 2014-15 travelling to several countries researching care and advocacy for women who suffer from domestic violence with the help of a Watson Fellowship.  In addition, Provost John Swallow announced that Professor Mila Dragojevic (Politics) is the recipient of the Kennedy (faculty) Fellowship for research. The Kennedy Fellowship will allow Professor Dragojevic to continue her exceptional research and writing on post-conflict memory and politics in local communities in Serbia and Croatia. Professor Dragojevic spent the spring 2014 semester in Serbia and Croatia conducting research on the same topic. The 2014 commencement was a time for celebration for all graduating seniors and their families, but it was a particularly significant day for those in the politics department.