Dugan Education and Research Grant


The grant is awarded to a politics major or minor who demonstrates financial need. A student may apply for the grant more than once, but other qualified students will be given priority over students who have previously received a grant. It can be used for any of the following purposes. 

1  Research costs for projects during the school year (e.g., data access)

2  Travel costs to an academic conference where the student presents a paper

3  Travel to summer internships, contingent on the student also applying for other university internship funding such as Tonya Public Affairs funding.

4  Summer courses abroad led by a Sewanee professor

5  Summer research costs (travel and supplies, but not stipends)

6  Attendance at experiential learning conferences, if the conference is part of a course (e.g., Mock Trial, Model UN)

Students seeking grants for domestic experiences may apply for up to $500, while those engaged in international experiences may apply for up to $750.


Application Process

Applications are due by 5 pm, March 15, 2020 (Sunday)

The application should be compiled as ONE PDF file.

If applying in Fall 2019, please send to Rodelio Manacsa (romanacs@sewanee.edu) of the Department of Politics.

1  Cover sheet with basic information (name, year in school, contact information, etc.) (Dugan Education and Research Grant Application Cover Sheet)

2  Preliminary budget (1/2 page)

3  Two-page (double spaced) proposal which explains 

  • The specific project for which the grant will be used
  • The anticipated product/outcome (conference paper; research project; internship project)
  • Additional funding for which the individual has applied (e.g., Tonya)

    4.  Signed statement agreeing to meet the below-listed requirements of the grant. 

Requirements for Grant Awardees

1  Completing the product/outcome (e.g., paper presentation, internship, research project)

2  Writing a thank you note to the donor

Providing the department with a descriptive paragraph and photo (or photos) about the experience which can be placed on bulletin boards and the department website