Ukraine's War with Vladimir Putin: One Year On

The Mellon Globalization Forum Conversations on The Current and the Global: "Ukraine's War with Vladimir Putin: One Year On." Presenters: Dr. Martin J. Blackwell (University of North Georgia) and Dr. Bill Risch (Georgia College and State University). 

In February 2014, Ukrainians overthrew their corrupt government in hopes of establishing a better future for their country. Seeing a threat to his own kleptocratic regime in neighboring Russia, Vladimir Putin took advantage of Ukraine's frailties by annexing the Crimean Peninsula and by staging a proxy war in the ethnically Russian parts of Ukraine's easterly Donbas region in order to permanently weaken the renewed democracy to his west. A year on, over 5,000 Ukrainians have died, various cease-fires to end the fighting have come and gone, and now there is talk of NATO members on Russia's westerly borders with even larger ethnic Russian populations than Ukraine being in Putin's line of sight.  Join professors of Russian and Ukrainian history, William Risch and Martin Blackwell (from Georgia College and State University and University of North Georgia, respectively) for a discussion of where the Ukrainian crisis emerged from and where it is headed as eastern Europe faces this latest challenge to its future.


Langauge Resource Center, Gailor 225