Turkish Human Rights Discussion

Join Dr. Jessica Mecellem in the Politics Department and Dr. Nicholas Roberts in the History Department for Turkish Human Rights: Between Democracy & Authoritarian Rule on the current human rights situation in Turkey.  This discussion is part of the "The Current and the Global" series of the Mellon Globalization Forum, and is co-sponsored by the Politics Department.

Turkey has been and remains an important actor in the contemporary Middle East region, on multiple fronts. Once hailed as a model to emulate in terms of democracy in the Muslim world, the country is currently navigating ongoing internal insurrection by Kurdish separatists, the civil wars in Syria and Iraq concentrated around ISIS, a year of the most extensive domestic terrorism in Turkish history, and the ramifications of the bloodiest military coup to date (July 2016). This IGS event will focus on the state of human rights today in Turkey, within this context.

Professor Nicholas Roberts will outline the historical place that Turkey holds in the modern Middle East to set up a framework for understanding what’s going on in Turkey today. Professor Mecellem will address the ramifications of recent events for activists working on a variety of topics (e.g. freedom of the press, LGBTQ rights, ethnic minority rights, religious freedom, and the end of torture and military/government abuses).


McGriff Alumni House