Politics Department Moot Court - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Students in the Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties course participate in moot court on April 11, 13, and 18, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm, in Convocation Hall.

Students assume the roles of counsel and Supreme Court justices as they argue and judge cases.

The first of three cases, argued on April 11, is Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley and considers whether the exclusion of churches from a public aid program (which provides recycled tire material to resurface playgrounds) violates the religion clauses of the First Amendment. Would Missouri’s grant to the church create religious establishment, or did the state’s denial inhibit the church’s free exercise of religion?

In this case, Cooper Lewis and Phil Sharp argue for the church, and Margaret Dupree and Megan McDowell argue for the state. Paige Williams leads a bench including Stephanie Collins and Elise McCanless.

This moot court engages issues of civil liberties in an exciting and relevant way, and I hope you will attend!


Convocation Hall