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Jean Anne Babin Kim

Jean Anne Babin Kim joined the Navy after her sophomore year at Sewanee through the Navy’s Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program and started her training after graduation. First, she went to Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island, then after she was commissioned, moved to Virginia Beach for six months of specialty training. Her first duty station was onboard the aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ, homeported in San Diego. Jean Anne led a Division of 31 sailors, stood multiple shipboard watches, and learned a little about everything from maintenance to weapons systems to geopolitical analysis in her two years on the ship. She also completed an eight-month deployment to the Persian Gulf in support of the war in Afghanistan.

She is currently stationed in Seoul, South Korea at the Headquarters for the United States-Republic of Korea Combined Forces Command. Her job here is focused less on the tactical level, and more on the operational and strategic levels, and she works with people from each of the branches of the military, as well as civilian analysts and South Korean military personnel.

During her short time in the Navy, Jean Anne has briefed Malaysian defense officials, written a humanitarian assistance support plan, and helped organize a swim call in the Indian Ocean. She really appreciates the varied and unique experiences the Navy offers, as well as the opportunity to serve with truly talented and dedicated individuals.

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