In the Politics Department, students learn about the nature of political change, characteristics of different government institutions and leaders, conflict resolution, political ideas, culture, discourse, and economy, as well as the politics of gender, race, and class. Majors take at least eleven courses, including two introductory courses. Students need to complete at least three of the following concentrations with three courses in each concentration: law and justice, national institutions and policies, global institutions and policies, development and political economy, conflict and peace, identity and diversity, citizenship, and political action. One of the courses in concentration needs to be an upper-level seminar. Comprehensive examinations are offered in each of the concentrations, and students answer one question from each of their chosen concentrations. In addition to coursework, students may also seek out internship opportunities in public affairs that are funded by the Tonya Public Affairs internship program. Examples of past placements include state and local government and in Washington, D.C., on Capitol Hill, at the White House, or in various international non-governmental organizations.

Students who are interested in summer internships in public affairs are eligible for funding if their internship is unpaid. The Tonya Public Affairs internship fund awards stipends to students to do summer internships in state and local government, in Washington D.C., on Capitol Hill, and at the White House, and in non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Past internships include the Arkansas Supreme Court, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the National Women's Business Council, the Heritage Foundation, and the World Wildlife Federation. To learn more about learning opportunities during or after Sewanee, visit Internships, Research & FundingStudy AwayCo-Curriculars, and Career & Leadership Development website.


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