E.L. Kellermann Language Resource Center

As of 2020, this site is no longer being updated.  Please go to the new Language Resource Center page.

‌The mission of the E.L. Kellerman Language Resource Center is to provide technology support to students and faculty in the modern foreign languages and to provide a venue to hear and speak the target language.

We are located in Gailor 225 on the second floor.

We are equipped with:
  • A Sympodium for multimedia displays and viewing foreign films.
  • Web-based subscription to Rosetta Stone and access to all 30 languages.
  • Subscription to Transparent Language and all of their supported languages.
  • A Macbook Laptop Cart with 18 laptops and 25 iPads available for check out
  • 20 iPads loaded with language learning apps
  • Foreign Language TV programming at the French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language houses.
  • A strong collection of foreign language books, movies and magazines
  • Subscriptions to Yabla (Chinese, French, German, Spanish, & Italian)
  • Audio and video editing equipment. 
  • Space for foreign language tutoring
Students in E.L. Kellerman Language Resource Center
Click on the languages on the left to find links to the different resources and listening exercisess specific to that language.
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-10:00pm
Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 4:00pm-10:00pm
Director, Helen Stapleton


Foreign Language Yoga Classes at the Language Resource Center
August 12, 2019
Yoga classes will be every Friday afternoon in the Language Resource Center, Gailor 225. Students will have a low-stress kinesthetic language learning experience. Classes will be led by students or professors or simply following one of the many Youtube videos of yoga classes in a wide variety of languages. Please check with your professor to see if attending these classes can be used for culture points. Read more to find out when classes will be offered in YOUR language!
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3rd Annual International Karaoke Night
November 8, 2017
Students, faculty, and community members got together for a fun night of international music, food, and culture. There were over 35 acts singing in 8 languages taught at Sewanee: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish! Judges awarded prizes to the 3 best solo and group acts. Read more to find out who won.
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Stapleton Presents at 2017 SCOLT Conference
March 2, 2017
Helen Stapleton will deliver a presentation entitled, "Using QR Codes to Promote Listening and Speaking" at the 2017 Conference of SCOLT (Southern Conference on Language Teaching) to be held March 18-20 in Orlando, FL. The presentation shows K-12 how to get their students to do voice recordings and convert them to QR codes for their classmates to listen to. She will cite several examples tried by professors at Sewanee.
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