Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris

The Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris applies place-based learning abroad, using the City of Light as a rich field laboratory, thereby enabling on-site examination of that which can only be approached textually and via images and film on this side of the Atlantic. Classes meet at the center of our partnering institution, APA (Academic Programs Abroad), with instruction offered by a Sewanee faculty member and APA's excellent teaching staff. The Program consists of four full courses: Fren 322, "Langue, Littérature, Culture" in Paris; Advanced French Language and Oral Expression in Paris; Contemporary France; and 19th-Century French Painting and Sculpture in Paris. The program will also include two weekend trips, one to Burgundy and one to Normandy, multiple one-day or afternoon excursions in and around Paris, and weekly cultural opportunities to attend plays, concerts, and dance performances in some of Paris's great performing arts centers.  

‌Program participants will arrive in Paris in late August and, after settling into their Parisian homestays, they will begin reviewing language structures and will go on to expand their knowledge of French syntax and lexicon in an intensive daily seminar offered by the on-site Sewanee director. There will also be general orientation sessions to help students prepare for the academic work soon to follow. The fourteen-week program will conclude at the end of the first week in December, allowing time for a little independent travel, if so desired, before an open return stateside for the Christmas holidays.  Follow our students' adventures on their blog


To apply, go the online application for Sewanee in Paris Program.  Once you click on that link, you will be guided through the application process. That process involves filling out and submitting preliminary information about yourself. You will then be contacted with a link and a temporary password (which you can later change) to your student portal. That portal will allow you to access and to manage all remaining documents required in the application process. If you have concerns about safety issues surrounding study abroad, you might check out Dr. Poe’s essay, Study Abroad in an Age of Terror.

This program is designed for students having attained a level of at least French 300 before departure. Students who will have only completed FREN 203 should nevertheless get in touch with the Department of French and French Studies, as we and our partnering institution in Paris will accommodate participants at that level. What better way to complete Sewanee's language requirement and to work toward fluency than by being in France!

For our standard program, there will be four courses (each counting four credit hours) making up a well-balanced curricular core for students in the Sewanee group. Advanced students, however, having already completed 400-level work at the time of application, may qualify to take a course directly in the Parisian university system, in which case they would only take FREN 322, 324, and 325. Rather than taking FREN 323, which could prove redundant, their advanced language work would be assured by the oral and written complementary assistance offered to all APA students undertaking university study (15 hours over the course of a semester, in tandem with the 2-to-3 hour per week course chosen at a Parisian university).

It should be noted that FREN 322, 323, 324, and 325 are considered a part of our departmental curriculum (with the Department of French and French Studies having direct oversight as to how the courses are designed and taught, and onsite input into the evaluation system), hence these four courses will have regular Sewanee grades. Only courses taken at a Parisian university will come back as "hours only" transfer credit.

FREN 322. "Langue, Littérature, Culture" in Paris
Intensive grammar review and vocabulary expansion -- specifically, the acquisition of pivotal expressions which aid in modulating the flow of the French sentence; the overall goal is to improve one's compositional skills for the various writing assignments required while studying in Paris. There will also be literary and cultural reading discussed and analyzed, with excursions to an author's Parisian address or to important places in Paris connected to the author's life. This course is part of the Sewanee Semester in Paris. (Credit, full course.) Director of the Program [from the Sewanee French faculty]

FREN 323 Advanced French Language and Oral Expression in Paris
An advanced language course designed to help students with their writing skills by promoting mastery of French syntax and by enriching academic vocabulary. To help with oral improvement, Sewanee students are exposed to French theater, dance, music, and cinema at some of the great performing arts centers in Paris, and to prepare for each of the performances, they have assigned readings to be discussed in class; then in follow-up to each outing, the fine-arts experience offers a shared context that can likewise be discussed and analyzed, also in the design of improving oral fluency. Taught by our colleagues at APA

‌FREN 324 Contemporary France in Paris
A course meant to facilitate the integration of students into contemporary life in France by offering an anthropological view “from within,” stressing such themes as French econo-political culture, societal and administrative structures, education, intellectual life and the press, justice, immigration, France’s participation in the European Union, among other modern-day issues. Taught by our colleagues at APA

FREN 325 19th-Century French Painting and Sculpture in Paris
A course focusing upon the evolution of great painting and sculpture in nineteenth-century France, from neo-classical representation toward modernity. There will be one classroom meeting a week to discuss theoretical and analytical issues linked to various artistic movements and affiliations, along with a weekly visit to Parisian museums in order to study on-site some celebrated exemplars of those same movements and affiliations. Taught by our colleagues at APA

Visit the site of our partnering institution, Academic Programs Abroad = APA (feeder institutions for their program will speak to the issue of quality: Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, the Ivies, the Seven Sisters Colleges, to name but a few).  There you will find the APA application.

Our administrative partners at APA

‌Take a photographic promenade through the charming quarter where the APA center is located in Paris’s 14e arrondissement:

14th arrondissement

‌Should francophile alumni and friends want to help make this program a reality for all qualified Sewanee students, please visit the Giving Page and type "Bates-Poe Endowed Fund for Study in France" in the field called "Other Designation".