Fall Semester in Paris off to a Great Start

Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris student at un concert à la Sainte-Chapelle

Dr. George Poe and a group of seven students have arrived safely in Paris and are busy seeing the sites and attending cultural events, while undertaking an intensive French language review, within the context of Professor Poe's FREN 322 course, in anticipation of the content courses about to begin. One exercise being featured is the visit to Parisian museums and the writing up of reactions to favorite works seen — for example, at the Musée Marmottan–Monet, the Musée Picasso, and the Musée Rodin soon to be visited.  Students have also been settling in with their host families and getting to know their respective Parisian neighborhoods for the semester.  Learn more about the program.

 devant Notre-Dame

Devant Notre Dame

The Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris applies place-based learning abroad, using the City of Light as a rich field laboratory, thereby enabling on-site examination of that which can only be approached textually and via images and film on this side of the Atlantic. Classes meet at the center of our partnering institution, APA (Academic Programs Abroad), with instruction offered by a Sewanee faculty member and APA's excellent teaching staff. The Program consists of four full courses: Fren 322, "Langue, Littérature, Culture" in Paris; Advanced French Language and Oral Expression in Paris; Contemporary France; and 19th-Century French Painting and Sculpture in Paris. The program will also include two weekend trips, one to Burgundy and one to Mont Saint-Michel and Britanny, multiple one-day or afternoon excursions in and around Paris, and weekly cultural opportunities to attend plays, concerts, and dance performances in some of Paris's great performing arts centers. 

Sewanee en couleur

Sewanee en couleur

Au restaurant avec Claire et Blandine

Au restaurant avec Claire et Blandine

Program participants will arrive together in Paris in late August and, after settling into their Parisian homestays, they will begin reviewing language structures and will go on to expand their knowledge of French syntax and lexicon in an intensive daily seminar offered by the on-site Sewanee director. There will also be general orientation sessions to help students prepare for the academic work soon to follow. The fourteen-week program will conclude at the end of the first week in December, allowing time for a little independent travel, if so desired, before an open return stateside for the Christmas holidays."

Apéritif for the students to get to know their homestay hosts

‚ÄčApéritif for the students to get to know their homestay hosts.

les etudiants a la côté Seine

côté Seine

Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris 2015 Monument

à la place de la Bastille

Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris 2015 Pont

Un pont de la Seine

Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris 2015 wall

Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris 2015 Museum trip