Dr. Ramsey Presents Work at TFLTA

Laurie Ramsey attended and presented at the Annual Conference of the Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association. Her session was entitled Victor Schoelcher: Abolition and the Martinique-Alsace Connection. Building upon a project linked to her current FREN 350 course, Crossroads of Europe: Strasbourg and its Region, she reported on her summer research into the life and work of Victor Schoelcher, the great French abolitionist, whose father came from Fessenheim in Alsace. Laurie went there during the summer to visit the Espace Muséographique Victor Schoelcher, where she took pictures of all of the exhibits. In her presentation, she shared her trip and what she learned about the author of many works on slavery, freedom, government, art, and music. Most famously, he pushed through Parliament the 1848 decree abolishing slavery in all French-held territories. His many political roles included representing Martinique in Parliament and advocating for women, children, and the disenfranchised.
Using Laurie's bilingual documentation booklet, attendees participated in a learning activity that they can use with their own students. In the audience was Sewanee colleague, Dr. Julian Ledford, and presiding over the session was Dr. Ashlee Headrick, newly elected Vice-President of the TN Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French. 
Photo: Laurie Ramsey and Ashlee Headrick