Religion and Environment Minor

Professor Robin Gottfried, Director
Offered by interdisciplinary faculty, in conjunction with the Environmental Studies Program and the Center for Religion and Environment


The ways we interact with the natural world reflect the deep-seated values of the society to which we belong and the experiences of nature we have as individuals. Religion, and the spiritual experiences of individuals that inform religious thought, provide profound insights into how we perceive the world around us and guidance as to how to interact with it. The Minor in religion and environment encourages students to integrate religious insights and spiritual experience with the natural and social sciences to better understand how religion and the natural world affect one another. Accordingly, the Minor includes coursework in natural and social environmental science along with coursework in religion. Because the Minor encourages students to reflect on their own spiritual experience and beliefs as they relate to the environment, it culminates in a capstone experiential course involving environmentally related service or action along with reflection on the meaning of that engagement.

Five-and-a-half courses required

  • EnSt 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Phil 230: Environmental Ethics
  • EnSt 431: Practicum in Religion and Environment (half-course)

Choose two from the following Religion list

  • Relg 307: Religious Environmentalism
  • Relg 341: Religion and Ecology
  • Relg 350: Field Methods in Religious Studies
  • Relg 353: Buddhism and the Environment
  • Relg 393: Rural Religion
  • Theo 360: Creation, Evolution, and God (three semester hours)

Choose one from the following lists … either Policy or Natural Science


  • Econ/PolS 381: The Political Economy of Sustainable Development
  • EnSt 332: Archaeological Resource Management and Policy
  • EnSt 336: Environmental Land-Use Policy
  • Fors 201: Natural Resource Issues and Policies
  • Fors 270: Water Resource Policy and Law

Natural Science

  • Biol 105: Biology and People
  • Biol 107: People and the Environment
  • Biol 130: Field Investigations in Biology (Field-Based)
  • Chem 101: General Chemistry (Lab)
  • Fors 121: Introduction to Forestry (Lab)
  • Geol 121: Physical Geology (Lab)
  • Geol 235: Earth Systems and Climate Change
  • Phys 105: Energy and the Environment