Environmental Studies Minor


The ES minor requirements include the following: EnSt 101, 2 science courses and 2 non-science courses from our approved list (see below), plus a sixth environmental course (your choice).

Approved Course List for EnSt Minor

Humanities/Social Science list:
Anthropology 201: Global Problems: Anthropology and Contemporary Issues
Anthropology 298: Ecological Anthropology
Anthropology 307: Archaeology of Southeastern United States
Anthropology 312: Place, Ritual, and Belief
Anthropology 313: Method and Theory in Archaeology
Anthropology 316: Archaeology of the Cumberland Plateau
Anthropology 318: North American Archaeology
Anthropology 350: Environmental Archaeology
Anthropology 357: Field School in Archaeology
Art 242: The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment
Art 282: Sustainable Structures
Economics 335: Environmental Economics
Economics 381: Political Economy of Sustainable Development
Education/Environmental Studies 217: Introduction to Environmental Education
English 220: Poetry, Nature, and Contemplation
English 396: American Environmental Literature
Environmental Studies 100: Walking the Land
Environmental Studies 140: Readings in Island Ecology
Environmental Studies 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies 201: Organic Agriculture

Environmental Studies 209: Ecosystems of the Ocean
Environmental Studies 217: Fundamentals of GIS
Environmental Studies 220: Reading the Landscape
Environmental Studies 285: The Development of Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic”
Environmental Studies 300: Seminar in Ecology and Ethics
Environmental Studies 301: Introduction to Spatial Information Systems and Field Mapping
Environmental Studies 317: Advanced Applications of GIS
Environmental Studies 332: Archaeological Resource Management and Policy
Environmental Studies 334: Environmental Policy and Law
Environmental Studies 336: Environmental Land-Use Policy
Environmental Studies 340: Tools for Environmental Policy Analysis
Environmental Studies 400: Seminar in Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies 444: Independent Study
Forestry 201: Natural Resource Issues/Policy
Forestry 270: Water Resource Policy and Law
History 100: Environmental History
History 283: Environmental History
History 330: History of Southern Appalachia
History 386: African Environmental History
Music 269: Music of the Birds and Bees: Music and Nature
Philosophy 230: Environmental Ethics
Politics 260: Political Theory of the Environment
Politics 381: Political Economy of Sustainable Development
Politics 382: International Environmental Policy
Psychology/Environmental Studies 215: Behavior Modification for Sustainability
Religion 125: Religion and Animals
Religion 307:  Religious Environmentalism
Religion 341: Religion and Ecology
Religion 353: Buddhism and the Environment
Religion 393: Rural Religion
Russian 363: Environmentalism and Ecocide in Russian Literature and Culture

Sciences list:
Biology 107: People and the Environment
Biology 114: Botany
Biology 130: Field Investigations in Biology
Biology 200: Entomology
Biology 201: Ornithology
Biology 202: Invertebrate Zoology
Biology 206: Plant Ecology
Biology 207: Biology of Lower Plants
Biology 209: Conservation Biology
Biology 210: Ecology
Biology 211: Biodiversity Pattern and Process
Biology 215: Fungi (half course, full course with Biol 216)
Biology 216: Algae and Bryophytes (half course, full course with Biol 215)
Biology 221: Environmental Physiology of Plants
Biology 232: Human Health and the Environment
Biology 235: Freshwater Conservation
Biology 241: Rainforests and Coral Reefs
Biology 251: Field Studies in Belize (half course, full lab course with Biol 251)
Biology 260: Cave Biology
Biology 305: Plant Physiology
Biology 310: Plant Evolution & Systematics
Biology 313: Ecosystems and Global Change
Biology 315: Advanced Ecology and Biodiversity
Biology 340: Microbiology
Chemistry 211: Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry 411: Aquatic Chemistry
Computer Science 120: Introduction to Environmental Computing
Environmental Studies 201: Organic Agriculture
Environmental Studies 240: Island Ecology Program (two full courses)
Environmental Studies 302: Ecology, Evolution, and Agriculture
Environmental Studies 305: Ecological Integrity in Agriculture
Forestry 121: Introduction to Forestry
Forestry 204: Forest Wildlife Management
Forestry 211: Dendrology
Forestry 212: Forestry in the Developing World
Forestry 215: Fisheries Ecology and Management
Forestry 230: Urban Forest Management
Forestry 250: Forests: Food, Medicine, and More
Forestry 262: Forest and Watershed Restoration
Forestry 303/Geology 303: Soils
Forestry 305: Forest Ecology
Forestry 312: Silviculture
Forestry 314/Geology 314: Hydrology
Forestry 319: Natural Resource Management
Geology 121: Physical Geology
Geology 215: Geological Resources
Geology 222: Historical Geology
Geology 230: Paleoecology
Geology 235: Earth Systems and Climate Change
Physics 105: Environmental Physics