Shakespeare Studies Minor

Shakespeare skull‌ 

The minor in Shakespeare studies is an interdisciplinary approach to Shakespeare and his legacies.  It is based on these convictions: (1) Shakespeare, as an exemplary literary and historical figure, merits intensive study; (2) the literary, historical, and philosophical study of Shakespeare’s texts informs and enriches both the appreciation and production of his plays; (3) the discipline and experience of performing his plays or studying his plays’ performance history illuminates the academic study of his works.

Professors:  Crawford, Engel, Macdonald, Macfie (chair), Malone

Requirements for the Minor in Shakespeare Studies 

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements:

ENGL 357        Shakespeare I, 1                                                     4 credit hours

ENGL 358        Shakespeare II, 1                                                    4 credit hours

THTR 232         Shakespeare and the Actor, 1                                  4 credit hours

            Prerequisite either THTR 131, ENGL 357, or ENGL 358

            An intensive rehearsal of selected sonnets, monologues,

            and scenes.  Exercises in this course help students develop

            vocal and physical expressiveness and skill in speaking

            heightened language.                                                           

Total: 12 credit hours

Select three of the following:

CLST 101          Classical Mythology                                                    4 credit hours

CLST 200          Classical Drama                                                         4 credit hours

ENGL 215        Studies in Drama                                                        4 credit hours

ENGL 350        Medieval Drama and its Legacy                                    4 credit hours

ENGL 353        English Drama to 1642                                                4 credit hours

ENGL 359        Renaissance Literature I                                              4 credit hours

GREK 401         Greek Tragedy I                                                         4 credit hours

GREK 402         Greek Tragedy II                                                        4 credit hours

HIST 305          Medieval Women—In Their Own Words                         4 credit hours

HIST 354          Renaissance Humanism                                              4 credit hours

HUMN 105      Texts and Contexts of the Early Modern World                 4 credit hours                         

LATN 401         Roman Comedy                                                          4 credit hours

LATN 402         Roman Tragedy                                                          4 credit hours

PHIL 203          Ancient Philosophy from Homer to Augustine                4 credit hours

RHET 201         Introduction to Rhetoric                                              4 credit hours

THTR 131         Fundamentals of Acting                                              4 credit hours

THTR 221         Theatre History                                                          4 credit hours

THTR 227         Classic Plays on the Modern London Stage                   4 credit hours

THTR 235         Voice and Interpretation                                             4 credit hours

                                                                                                         Total: 12 credit hours